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The Easter dolls that unite tradition, craftsmanship and design

One of the protagonists par excellence of Easter is the Easter bunny. For days now, all the patisseries in the country have been showing off their sweetest creations with chocolate as the main ingredient. Easter sweets are typical of many regions of the world and are delicacies that can vary in shape, size and decoration, but they share the same essence: to be a special gift to share with the family and, more specifically, with the godchildren and goddaughters

The Espícula bakery and pastry shop has wanted to maintain its deep respect for tradition and culinary craftsmanship. Two concepts present in Easter rolls that incorporate small chocolate eggs with colored feathers. In this case, tradition says that “the roll must include as many eggs as the godfather or godfather is old”, as explained by pastry chef Jordi Morera. Among the pastry products that sell the most these days are the Espícula chocolate charity eggs. And with the purchase of one of these dark, white or milk chocolate eggs, three euros of its total price are allocated to the Nostra Senyora de Meritxell Private Foundation. A solidarity initiative that, given last year’s success, has been repeated. In addition, as Jordi Morera explains “inside the solidarity eggs there is a pastime that makes them even more attractive to the scoundrel”.

The bakery and pastry shop l'Espícula is committed to making traditional cakes

The creations of You Cakes by Estopiñán “also attract the attention of the little ones”, according to a seller in the food section of Pyrénées Andorra. And it is that in his case, casa Estopiñán wanted to design a chocolate figure well recognized by the family audience such as the Tamarro which is found in different colors.

Fantasy and the most media characters made of chocolate are among the most requested dolls. This is the case of Vallflorida Xocolaters, which presents a monkey dedicated to Mic, the most well-known character on the SX3 channel without neglecting the traditional animal figures, such as dragons, lions or chocolate rabbits. Pastry creations repeated by Simon Coll Chocolaters, which also opts for attractive creations, such as console controls, unicorns or chocolate skates.

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