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Ozempic: Everything to know about popular weight loss drug semaglutide

Ozempic, branded the ‘Hollywood skinny jab’, continues to make headlines as celebrities and influencers admit using the wildly popular medication to shed weight.While slimming...


Oncologists warn of a global “silver tsunami” – Health care cannot last

The number of cancer cases is feared to explode as the population ages worldwide.Oncology experts warn that the health care system is not ready...

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Air India plane flying to San Francisco lands in Russia’s Siberia after engine problem

An Air India plane flying from New Delhi to San Francisco landed in Russia after it developed an engine problem, officials said on Wednesday. The...

Ex-Georgia QB Aaron Murray says dad told him to ‘stay close to’ Tim Tebow, ‘far from’ Aaron Hernandez had he gone to Florida

Parents know best, and in this case — dad might’ve been three steps ahead. Former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray said his father warned him to...

Workers want out as Biden seeks to keep them in

Big Labor apologists have been touting a so-called “union boom,” but the numbers show the inverse is true — workers overwhelmingly don’t want unions...

‘America’s Got Talent’ winner Michael Grimm hospitalized, sedated

Singer Michael Grimm, who won season 5 of “America’s Got Talent,” has been hospitalized and sedated following a mystery illness last week. The blues musician...

Pope Francis to undergo intestinal surgery and will be hospitalized for several days

Pope Francis went to the hospital on Wednesday for surgery on his intestine, two years after he had 13 inches of his colon removed...


Woman Swears by Bedtime Routine That Looks Like She’s Being ‘Held Hostage’

Do you wake up feeling tired and desperate for a better night's sleep? One woman says she has the "best sleep ever" by following...

Cat Inventing His Own Innovative Game Delights Internet: ‘Newest Hobby’

Some owners spend hundreds of dollars on toys for their pets only to have these completely ignored, as a piece of scrunched-up newspaper on...

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