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My body grew in strange ways when I was pregnant – one part doubled in size & people said it put them off having kids

THERE are loads of strange things that happen to your body when you’re pregnant, but one woman was stunned when she discovered part of her face was growing as well as her belly.

Becky Hathaway revealed her nose doubled in size when she was expecting her little one, much to her shock.

Becky shared a snap of her nose before becoming pregnant


Becky shared a snap of her nose before becoming pregnantCredit: TikTok/becky.hathaway
The mum said her nose grew during her first pregnancy


The mum said her nose grew during her first pregnancyCredit: TikTok/becky.hathaway

Now pregnant again, the mum took to TikTok to share the before and after photos in a viral video.

“I had to post this again because it’s only a matter of time before the pregnancy nose creeps back in again,” she captioned the clip.

In the first images Becky can be seen to have a fairly small nose as she smiled with friends before becoming pregnant.

But then as posed with her pregnant belly her nose was visibly larger.

Becky confessed she hated it so much that she ended up hiding in her house towards the end of her pregnancy, “I was so embarrassed,” she wrote.

It looked swollen and even slightly red in some of the pictures the mum shared on social media.

In fact, in all her pregnancy snaps the mum’s nose looked much bigger, and people have said it’s enough to put them off having kids.

“This is a great pregnancy prevention video,” one person joked in the comment section.

“New fear unlocked,” another wrote.

And a third was just as shocked, they said: “I already have a big nose so it’s going to take over my face.”

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“I had it too. My boss knew I was pregnant before I even did because of my nose,” another chimed in.

Meanwhile other mums confessed the same thing happened when they were pregnant too.

“My dad told me my nose looked like a bell pepper,” one said.

“I had pregnancy nose too. My feet go wider, that stayed after baby number two but my nose went back to normal,” another added.

What is pregnancy nose?

According to Dr. Christine Greves, an OB-GYN in Orlando, Florida, many pregnant people do actually experience ‘pregnancy nose’.

Speaking to TODAY.com she explained: “The underlying reason is because of the hormones that are increased in pregnancy and those hormones cause dilation in vessels, which can result in more blood flow going to certain areas — and that’s because we need it for the uterus.”

And don’t worry, although it might be weird to see yourself with a bigger nose, it’s totally harmless for most people and will usually go back to normal roughly six weeks after giving birth, she added.

It turns out pregnancy nose is totally normal and happens to a lot of people


It turns out pregnancy nose is totally normal and happens to a lot of peopleCredit: Getty

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