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Kanye West’s alleged battery victim identified, rep doubles down on Bianca Censori assault claims

Kanye West reportedly hit a well-known celebrity hotspot owner when allegedly trying to defend his wife, Bianca Censori, during a recent altercation at the luxe Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, the Yeezy founder struck either Mark Houston or Jonnie Houston, who are twin restaurateurs, but it unclear on which one West, 46, landed the blows.

Sources claimed to the outlet Saturday that one of the brothers “accidentally” bumped into Censori, 29, –denying what the “Runaway” rapper’s camp previously claimed.

Kanye West’s alleged battery victim has reportedly been identified. GC Images
The rapper reportedly hit either Mark Houston or Jonnie Houston. Instagram/@houston_bros

A rep for West told Page Six earlier this week that the alleged assailant “didn’t merely collide into her” into the Australian beauty but “put his hands under her dress, directly on her body, he grabbed her waist, he spun her around, and then he blew her kisses.”

“She was battered and sexually assaulted,” West’s rep previously insisted. “Bianca was physically assaulted.”

However, TMZ’s source claimed the incident was all a misunderstanding given that the restaurant was reportedly busy at the time, and alleged the sexual assault allegations were false.

Per the outlet, West ended up mistakenly confronting the twin who wasn’t even involved in the interaction with Censori.

West reportedly hit a man after he allegedly “sexually assaulted” his wife, Bianca Censori. @j.ace.m/LIFESTYLOGY/TMX/Mega
Per TMZ, West accidentally hit the twin that wasn’t even involved. Instagram/@houston_bros

“He actually ended up punching the wrong dude,” TMZ reported, adding that police sources “haven’t been able to dig up evidence that backs Kanye’s account.”

West’s chief of staff Milo Yiannopoulos tells Page Six exclusively in response to the report, “We find it absolutely disgusting that any journalist would choose not to believe a woman when she tells them about a sexual assault committed against her. But of course, you don’t have to take Bianca’s word for it.”

“The hotel assembled its own detailed incident report,” the rep further claimed. “Drawing on eyewitness testimony from staffers and video surveillance footage, the report says Bianca was ‘handled’ by an assailant who ‘eventually let go.’”

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West’s rep is doubling down on the claim that Censori was assaulted and grabbed inappropriately. angelinacensori/Instagram
The incident took place at celebrity hotspot Chateau Marmont. GC Images

Yiannopoulos then doubles down on his client’s initial stance, once again alleging, “In reality, the assailant seized Bianca under her panel dress directly on her skin around the waist, forcibly spun her around, and blew kisses in her face, ignoring or perhaps enjoying her distress and discomfort.”

He concludes, “This was a physical, sexual assault and any attempt to undermine the seriousness of what happened is repellent and vile.”

A second insider adds to Page Six, “The hotel is team Ye and being really supportive of Bianca.” Page Six has not been able to reach reps at Chateau Marmont for comment.

The Houston brothers have not addressed West’s allegations. Instagram/@houston_bros
The twins are well-known around Hollywood and own many celebrity hotspots. Instagram/@houston_bros

West has reportedly been named as a suspect in a battery case stemming from the physical attack.

Page Six was unable to immediately reach the Los Angeles Police Department, but per TMZ, officers are still investigating what occurred. Detectives were also seen outside Chateau Marmont after the incident.

The Houston brothers could not immediately be reached for comment.

West has not yet been formally charged in the case. GC Images
Police are reportedly still investigating the incident. FOX11 Los Angeles

This is not the first time West has been involved in a battery case.

The “Heartless” rapper was charged with the crime in 2013 following a scuffle at LAX Airport, and was later named a suspect in a separate case in 2023 for allegedly throwing a woman’s phone.

However, the charges for the latter incident were dropped shortly after.

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