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Espot states that the purpose of the Association Agreement is to “guarantee the economic and social prosperity of Andorra”

Andorra la VellaThe head of government, Xavier Spothas issued a statement through the your Instagram account highlighting the importance of associating with the European union as a logical continuation of the country’s history. It’s possible has pointed out that this association follows the line marked by previous governments, regardless of political colors, which have opted for the participation ofAndorra at the European Internal Market.

According to the head of government, the future of Andorran society depends on allowing young people to study and work abroad, and for companies and professionals to operate fromAndorra on an international scale. In addition, he highlights the importance of making it easier for companies and professionals from other countries to settle in the Principality with guarantees and legal security to contribute to innovation and the added value of the country’s economy.

theAssociation Agreement with the EUseconds It’s possibleis the result of a vision of the future that has been promoted by successive governments during more than 15 years and which aims to ensure the economic and social prosperity of Andorra and its citizens. This bet, according to the executive, is shared by all governments.

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