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A Definitive Guide to Lorelai Gilmore and Max Medina’s Relationship

Gilmore Girls might not have been a show about romance at its core, but more than a few love interests walked in and out of Lorelai Gilmore’s life during the show’s seven-season run. Max Medina was Lorelai’s first real love interest on Gilmore Girls. While the duo never actually got married, they got close. Do you remember how the former couple’s relationship played out? 

Max Medina pursued Lorelai Gilmore 

Max Medina and Lorelai Gilmore first met in the fourth episode of Gilmore Girls. He was Rory Gilmore’s English teacher at Chilton. Despite his position at the school, Max was taken with Lorelai and tirelessly pursued her. The duo had their first date a few episodes later when Stars Hollow was blanketed in snow, and Max found himself inexplicably stuck in the tiny Connecticut hamlet. Their relationship moved along quickly from there. 

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