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“They won’t decide anything because it’s not Spanish”

Fernando Alonso released an ironic message about what will happen about the incident caused by Lewis Hamiltonensuring that the directors of the International Automobile Federation “will not decide anything” about a possible sanction to the Mercedes driver “because he is not Spanish”, alluding to the mishap caused by the British during the Miami Grand Prix Sprint of Formula 1.

“We’ll see what they decide, I guess they won’t decide anything because it’s not Spanish, oh well. “I think he ruined the careers of a few people, especially Norris, who has a very fast car, and he stayed in that incident,” Alonso told the DAZN microphones, referring to the small accident that Hamilton caused in the first corner of this Sprint.

“Us We also had no interest in the Sprint Race, we were just going to check the degradation and things for tomorrow, and in the end we achieved it. For us it is a ‘free practice’, it is not really a career, so Now the important part of the race begins. Tomorrow the 57 laps, I think we can draw some conclusion from this Sprint facing the parc ferme, which opens now, and see if we can improve the car a little,” predicted the Asturian driver.

They find three bodies that could be the surfers who disappeared in Mexico a week ago.

“We were behind Ocon, I could maybe take a risk and overtake him, but Logically, I don’t take the risk to avoid being penalized.. So I try to complete the race, which is 19 laps, and go back to the team to talk about the changes,” Alonso reiterated about the FIA ​​sanctions.

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