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Shreyas Talpade suspects COVID vaccine had something to do with his cardiac arrest: ‘I never heard of such incidents before’

Shreyas Talpade sent shockwaves to the industry and his fans when he suffered a heart attack in December 2023. After undergoing angioplasty, the actor is back to work.

While talking about the attack, the actor stated that he can’t negate the theory that the COVID-19 vaccine has nothing to do with it. Read on!

Shreyas Talpade questions COVID-19 vaccine after cardiac arrest

Golmaal 3 star Shreyas Talpade was in an interview with Lehren Retro, where he gave an update about his medical condition after suffering a cardiac arrest. The actor said that even he was scared by the unfortunate incident.

As he spoke about taking adequate precautions, controlling his diet, and exercising, he also shed some light on theories about the COVID-19 vaccine. He also referred to several incidents of people experiencing heart attacks and even dying while doing regular activities.

The Bollywood actor also highlighted that he doesn’t smoke or is a regular drinker. “I drink perhaps once a month. No tobacco, yes, my cholesterol was a little high, which I was told is normal these days. I was taking medication for that, and it had come down reasonably. So, if I have none of the other factors, I have no diabetes, no blood pressure, then what could be the reason?” he questioned, adding that if despite being so careful if this happens, then there has to be some other reason.

The Housefull 2 actor further added, “I would not negate the theory. It was only after the COVID-19 vaccine is when I started experiencing some fatigue and tiredness. There has to be some amount of truth, and we cannot negate the theory. Maybe it is Covid or the vaccine, but it is associated.”

Since he suspects the vaccine has something to do with his heart attack, he would like to research and explore more about it. Shreyas said, “It is very unfortunate because we genuinely don’t know what we have taken inside our bodies. We went with the flow and trusted the companies. I never heard of such incidents before COVID-19. I want to know what the vaccine has done to us. I am not sure whether it is Covid or the vaccine. Till I don’t have enough proof, it is pointless to make any statements. Nevertheless, I want to explore what it has done to our bodies,” he added.

Shreyas Talpade reveals how his wife saved his life after the arrest

Talking about how he ended up getting a cardiac arrest, the actor shared that since he was feeling fatigued, he got himself checked, and those came normal. He added that he was continuously shooting and traveling and was not getting adequate rest for a month or so.

“I was shooting for Welcome To The Jungle, and that evening, it was a hectic shot which went on for 8-10 minutes. Post the shot, I started feeling an unusual discomfort. So, I went to the fan and changed and lied down on the bed,” he divulged.

Soon after, he got into his car and told his wife on call, Deepti, to cancel all plans as he was not feeling well. When he checked his blood pressure at home, it was high. He told his doctor that he could breathe but was feeling uncomfortable.

On his wife’s insistence, he agreed to go to the hospital. “We got into the car again, and on the way to the hospital, I went into an arrest.” While stuck in traffic, Deepti managed to get help from the people who got him out of his car and took him to the hospital. “They gave me the CPR, that didn’t work, so they gave me the shocks. They revived me. The cardiologist said there are two blocks. They performed angioplasty.”

On the work front, he will be next seen in Kartam Bhugtam and Emergency.

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