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Moment Prince William Was so Scared of What Prince Louis Was Ready to Do He Had to Negotiate With Him

Prince William assisting Prince Louis as he uses an excavator while taking part in the Big Help Out

Royal family

The Prince of Wales pulled out an old parenting tactic and negotiated with unpredictable Prince Louis as seen in this viral video.

Royal fans got to see a whole lot of Prince Louis during the late Queen Elizabeth II‘s Platnum Jubilee celebrations.

The youngest of Prince William and the Princess of Wales’ (formerly known as Kate Middleton) kids showed off his big personality even though his mom wasn’t particularly thrilled with all of his antics. While just about everyone remembers Louis’s interactions with Kate, the prince also had an exchange with his dad that many people missed.

Now, a video of Prince William negotiating with Louis in order to keep him from misbehaving is making the rounds again, and a lot of parents can relate to how William handled it.

The moment Prince William needed to negotiate with his youngest son

Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, and Prince William standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Coronation of King Charles III
Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, and Prince William standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Coronation of King Charles III | Leon Neal/Getty Images

The video recirculating online is from the Platinum Pageant on June 5, 2022. The 31-second clip shows the moment Prince Louis approaches his dad with a big idea. Either William was in disbelief or thought he heard his son wrong because he asked him to repeat his request. When he did, the Prince of Wales immediately shook his head and knew he needed to stop Louis from whatever he was planning to do and fast.

As noted in the video, it’s hard to know what they were talking about. However, some believe that this may have been the moment Prince Louis wanted to sit with his grandfather, King Charles. If that was the case, the timing just wasn’t right because Louis did eventually end up on his grandpa’s lap later that day.

William decided that the best way to not upset the little prince was to come up with a solution that would make everyone happy, so the future king did some negotiating with his youngest child. It worked because Louis ended up happily agreeing before their conversation ended.

The video has been viewed over 1 million times with 42,000 likes and garnered more than 500 comments.

Many of those who commented on the video said they could relate to Prince William’s negotiating tactic with his child and thought they both handled it well.

“William was doing some fast talking. Lol. Been there done that,” one person posted.

“You can tell what patient, loving parents Prince William & Princess Catherine are. William got the best qualities of Diana,” another wrote, while a third added: “William being diplomatic with Louis and he listened! Good father!”

Prince Louis and Prince Louis arrive for a settling in afternoon at Lambrook School
Prince Louis and Prince Louis arrive for the afternoon at Lambrook School | Jonathan Brady – Pool/Getty Images

And a fourth said: “Prince William and Princess Catherine of Wales have shown us they are the best role models as parents. With Prince Louis you see Prince William being very close and solving the issue. Prince Louis is growing up … already seems to have his own personality.”

Others praised the Prince of Wales for how he treated Louis during their conversation, writing: “Both parties presented their ideas and came to a mutually beneficial agreement! Lol. This was so respectful and mature, but adorably sweet at the same time!” and “Love this interaction. Both looking into each other’s eyes. You can tell William is firm but Louis still feels heard and a compromise is reached. Great parenting.”

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