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It has a secret James Bond-style panel

The love that the queen spreads is known Isabel II of England had for cars, a passion that she shared with her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh. Therefore, it takes on special importance sale of one of the cars in its fleet.

It is a Jaguar Daimler whose price is 120,000 euros. The car is completely customized. A special retractable tray integrated into the armrest between the two front seats serves as a perfect coin holder and has safety lights operated by a bank of control buttons in true James Bond style.

Inside, the finishes are made of wood, it has an automatic transmission and a V8 engine capable of reaching 240 km/h, but It has only traveled 26,000 kilometers in 23 years.

Glamis Castle, Scotland.

The Jaguar belonged to the queen between 2001 and 2007, and it was also conducted by the Duke of Edinburgh. In 2007 it was returned to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, and in 2013 it was sold to a private collector, who kept it in “pristine condition” in a heated garage, reports The Sun.

The firm that sells it, Bonham Cars, says: “His Majesty preferred shades of dark green for his vehicles, so the color was chosen ‘British Racing Green’, with an overall appearance similar to other examples of the Daimler Majestic LWB, except for the safety lights which still function as intended.”

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