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Bianca Belair And Jade Cargill Win Women’s Tag Team Gold At Backlash

Jade Cargill is already a champion in WWE.

  • jade cargill tall-1

    Jade Cargill


    Vero Beach, Florida, USA

    5 ft 10 in

    160 lbs


    Championships Held:
    AEW TBS Championship

    Current Promotion:



    Jade Cargill


    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:


  • Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair are Women’s Tag Team Champions, winning the titles at Backlash.
  • The pair The Kabuki Warriors with relative ease, combining Jaded and the KOD for the finish of the match.
  • It’s a first a title for Cargill in WWE, and the first time Belair has been a Tag Team Champion.

WWE held Backlash outside of the US for the first time in the long-running PLE’s history on Saturday and the raucous atmosphere demonstrated by the French fans the night before on SmackDown was very much kept up for the bigger show of the weekend. Everyone using their phones for Jey Uso’s entrance was a special moment you should check out if you missed the show, and even better than that was the crowing of new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Jade Cargill Wins Gold In WWE

Having only wrestled five televised matches in WWE before Backlash, and being rightly framed as a very big deal since she signed with WWE, there wouldn’t have been many betting against Jade Cargill. She might still need a little bit of polish, hence her being put in just one singles match so far, but pairing her with Bianca Belair was a stroke of genius. The pair continued to demonstrate how well they work together tonight, and they already have the gold to prove it.


Tanga Loa Joins The Bloodline At WWE Backlash

The Bloodline has a new member of the group as Tama Tonga’s brother, Tonga Loa has joined the faction.

Despite still being a work in progress, Cargill did a lot of the heavy lifting in this match, both literally and figuratively. The former TBS Champion was always in the right place at the right time – easier said than done in tag team matches – and was integral and impressive in the match’s finish. Cargill hit Kairi Sane with Jaded and Belair added insult to injury by planting Asuka right on top of her with a KOD, scrambling for the cover right after to pick up the win.

A Career First For The EST

Not only does that mean Cargill is now a champion in WWE just six matches into her WWE run, but it also means Belair has won the only title available to her on WWE’s main roster that had previously eluded her. Belair has been a Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion before now and even has a Royal Rumble victory to her name. However, she has largely worked alone up until this point. She has certainly picked her partner well before deciding to give the tag team thing a try.

I’m a huge fan of The Kabuki Warriors and while I’m slightly disappointed to see their reign come to such an inevitable end, Cargill and Belair winning this one was absolutely the right call. Now WWE needs to be very careful when it comes to what’s next. Not only can this reign help turn Cargill into the big deal they need her to be, but it can continue to build the stock of the Women’s Tag Titles. Championships that felt so meaningless not too long ago that most fans likely couldn’t have named who the champions even were.

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