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‘Tipsy’ Gronkowski delivers epic interview, including how he met Tiger Woods

Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski revealed how he met Tiger Woods during an epic interview that he seemingly did while “tipsy.”

Gronkowski, 33, attended the Valspar Championship in Tampa on Friday and spoke to the press about why he was there.

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“So, I came to the Valspar last year and just had a wonderful time,” Gronk said. “What’s so special about it is you get to watch some golf, but at the same time, this place is so awesome. I was also playing cornhole while watching everyone play golf. So, I got to do some activities because I love activities. I won some games in cornhole versus some of the Lightning guys, actually; I beat them in cornhole.

“It’s just awesome. It’s an awesome atmosphere around here. It brings the Tampa Bay community here together. Just this weather is just spectacular. It’s 85 degrees out. There’s two clouds in the sky, the sun is just beaming down on everyone. It’s just a good day to feel good.”

Gronkowski went on to say that he has only played one round of golf in the past six years, but believes he’ll be a lot better in the near future due to his activity on simulators.

How Rob Gronkowski met Tiger Woods

“I met Tiger Woods one time real quick,” Gronk said. “He was in the big golf tournament up in New England and he was working out at our facility. Oh, yeah, and he just walked by, and I said, ‘What up, Tiger?’ And he said, ‘What up, Gronk?’ I shook his hand. So, that’s the only professional guy I’ve ever met, I’m pretty sure.

“But I did meet Shooter McGavin before, actually, and if you ask me, he’s the No. 1 most professional golf guy ever. I met Shooter.”

Gronkowski, who admitted he was “just getting a little tipsy at all times” made gun noises as he said McGavin’s first name.

His epic interview will be remembered for years to come, especially if he really starts playing in Pro-am tournaments like he claimed.

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