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The brilliant Spanish holiday spot where the sun shines 365 days a year with ‘safest’ beach and boutique shops

SPAIN is a go-to for many Irish holidaymakers, and there is one part where the sun shines all year round.

Taking to TikTok, travel enthusiast Vamos Canary Island shared a video to the platform speaking about a particularly sunny spot.

The travel fan was originally in Las Palmas where it was raining and cold


The travel fan was originally in Las Palmas where it was raining and cold
He then travelled to Anfi del Mar and it was sunny


He then travelled to Anfi del Mar and it was sunny
He shows off the lovely scenery


He shows off the lovely scenery

In a caption inserted into the video he wrote: “Is there a resort in Gran Canaria where the sun shines 365 days a year?”

At the beginning of the video he can be seen standing in an area where it appears to have been raining.

He explains that it is Tuesday, March 26 when he is recording the video and he is in Las Palmas.

He said: “Its grey, it’s wet, it’s even cold – so I’m going to bail out of here.”

He then explains that there is a place to the south with “good weather 365 days a year.”

Hoping to prove the theory, he hopped on a bus and travelled just over an hour to get there, noting that where he was before was “like Ireland here today”.

Standing beside a pool in the sunny weather, he said: “I know what you’re thinking, ‘this guy is some bluffer, there’s no way he’s on the same island and there’s an hour and a half on a bus journey from Las Palmas down to the south of Gran Canaria’ – it’s true.”

He had travelled to Anfi del Mar, which has multiple apartment blocks right beside the beach.

Most read in the Irish Sun

He explains that the Norwegian entrepreneur who designed this place wanted a Caribbean look, so the sand was brought over from the Caribbean.

Speaking about the public beach, he said: “It’s absolutely beautiful – it’s a public beach, anyone can come here, you don’t need to be staying up there.”

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Describing it as a “sun trap”, he can’t get over the difference in the weather between the two areas.

Panning the camera around he shows a stunning view of palm trees and water – the perfect place to be when the sun shines.

He walks over a bridge, showing boats docked at the harbour.

He adds: “As well as a lovely beach, it’s got many shops and restaurants, a shopping centre, boutique type shops – it is a bit more expensive than most nearby places.”

Describing it as “upmarket”, he notes that the rough waves on the beach are broken down before they hit the shore, making it safe for kids.

He added: “It’s probably the safest beach on the whole of the island.”

Concluding the video he said: “It’s guaranteed sunshine, 365 days a year.”

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