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The Beatles’ ‘Rubber Soul’: The 5 Best Songs

The BeatlesRubber Soul is one of the most beloved classic rock albums of all time. It’s often considered the band’s most extensive foray into folk-rock music. Despite this, some of the great songs on the album aren’t folk songs.

The Beatles at a window during the 'Rubber Soul' era
The Beatles | Icon and Image / Contributor

5. ‘The Word’

The Beatles gave us a lot of songs about love, including “All You Need Is Love,” “Love Me Do,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “Love You To,” And I Love Her,” “Real Love,” “She Loves You,” and “All My Loving,” just to name a few. “The Word” is another meditation on the subject, but it stands out because of those chic 1960s guitars. Here, The Beatles prove they were just as good at harmonizing as The Beach Boys when they wanted to be. If only this track was a single from The Beatles’ Rubber Soul!

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