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“You have to communicate with your team”

The contestants of The Conqueror They once again faced a new immunity test during the program broadcast on Monday night on RTVE. After explaining Raquel Sanchez Silva what were the roles of the game, each captain chose the contestants who would do it.

The presenter explained that one had to be in the middle of the labyrinth – the name of the test – for a “special mission”, another would be “the eyes that would guide” and the rest would enter the labyrinth.

The ‘Atabey’ team, girls’ team, He chose Mireia as “the eyes”, since they did not want to make physical effort, since she was lame. Joana Pastrana’s decision had to change due to the intervention of the medical team.

“The doctors of the program have advised against Mireia being the one to guidesince she will have to be upside down hanging from a tree,” Raquel announced to the group.

Furthermore, Sánchez Silva advised the participant to be communicative: “You have to communicate with your team and say what you are capable of doing or what you are not able to do.“.

The greens won the immunity test

Despite the last minute change and be much less in the team, The green ones managed to prevail over the rest in the maze test. Thanks to the fact that there were 5 girls crawling through the mud of the game, against the other teams where there were 8.

The ‘Atabey’ girls took over the rich camp, thus managing to escape from hell. Besides, They directly nominated the brothers Keroseno and Finitofrom ‘Corocotes’, “because there are two” and they are “in handicap by number“, as the captain explained.

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