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“You are talking about what you shouldn’t”

The superbowl, held this weekend, went a long way. From the presence of Taylor Swift and her kiss to her boyfriend, the player Travis Kelceuntil the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers with his team, passing through the long-awaited intermission performance, performed this year by Usher. However, The singer also had the presence of Alicia Keys and his performance did not go unnoticed.

The artist shone with his own light by performing a mix of several of his songs, and also by paying tribute to Michael Jackson. And when singing My Boocollaboration with Alicia Keysshe went on stage.

Both They exuded complicity with this ballad and were very close, so much so that the distance between the two when dancing caught the attention of many network users. However, it is clear that everything was part of the interpretation, and this is also what he thinks Swizz Beatz, husband of the artist for a decade now.

“You are all talking about the same thing and you are wrong!” he wrote in a post from Instagram. “Don’t you see that incredible dress that covers the entire stadium?? “Tonight’s performance was beyond incredible with two incredible giants!”

In this way, the music producer asked them to pay attention to the immense musical quality that both showed, accompanied by the surprising look of Keys, who She wore a big red dress while playing the piano Everything Means Nothing to Meby Elliott Smith.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl final

“Congratulations, Usher and my love, Alicia Keys. That song is a classic. We do not emit negative energy, we make history“He added, showing that he doesn’t care about the comments and that he doesn’t think badly when he sees his performance.

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