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X (Twitter) will ask you for an official identification to continue using the social network

The X platform (previously Twitter) will now allow paying users verify your accounts with a government ID (in Spain, the DNI) to avoid identity theft.

According to the app’s updated policy — first seen by the newspaper TechCrunch—, X may request such government-issued verification “when necessary.” In addition, the social network is investigating additional measures to protect Internet users from malicious accounts, the spam and inappropriate content.

The benefits of this novelty for paying subscribers will include the tag “this account has verified ID” when someone clicks on your blue check mark. Nevertheless, The Verge It also notes that additional benefits are being developed, such as a review process required to obtain a blue check mark and greater flexibility to make changes to the account (including profile photo, display name, and username).

On the other hand, there is the possibility of X asking users to verify their accounts using a government-issued ID if the account name, profile ownership is changed, or for security reasons. security.

Musk has publicly said he wants to get rid of

Is verification data stored?

To carry out this measure, the social network partnered with Israel-based Au10tix to facilitate the new feature, as this entity can store all verification information, individuals’ photographs, and extracted biometric data “for up to 30 days”.

The measure is now available in several countries

As we mentioned at the beginning of the news, verification is available in several countries for paying users, however, TechCrunch clarifies that “not available in the European Union (EU)the European Economic Area (EEA) and the United Kingdom” due to the region’s “strict data protection laws.”

Meanwhile, The Verge adds that “X did not elaborate on specific locations”.

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