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WWE Fan Shares Proof That Carlito Wasn’t Eliminated From The Royal Rumble

30 people in one match that takes place over more than an hour. There’s a lot for officials and fans to keep track of during a Royal Rumble, and even though the rules are relatively simple, mistakes are made and details are missed. For example, there have been numerous occasions when a Superstar is never officially eliminated but the issue is never acknowledged. It seems two weeks on from the show, one fan has identified an example of that in the most recent men’s Rumble.

Carlito’s Elimination

Shared by RhodesKotaEra on social media, a video showcasing the evidence that Carlito may not have been properly eliminated from this year’s men’s Royal Rumble was posted on TikTok by lyricalmind93. It begins with Carlito clashing with Karrion Kross, the veteran rolling under the bottom rope right before the camera cuts to show Bobby Lashley coming to the ring.


Pat McAfee Says He Didn’t Know About His Royal Rumble Spot

Pat McAfee said during a WWE exclusive interview that he wasn’t given a heads-up about his involvement in the Royal Rumble match.

When the ring is shown again, Kross is busy trying to push Carlito off the apron, except as lyricalmind93 points out, that’s an odd decision on Kross’s part since Carlito didn’t go over the top rope. A Superstar must go over the top rope before their feet hit the floor to be eliminated from a Royal Rumble. If Kross had been successful in his efforts to push Carlito off the apron, it wouldn’t have been an elimination since he never went over the top rope.

Will WWE Acknowledge Carlito?

Carlito stands up but remains on the apron, never climbing back into the ring as Kross turns his attention to Lashley. Kross goads Lashley into running at him, ducking at the last second so that The All Mighty hits Carlito instead, finally knocking him from the apron and eliminating him. Except he didn’t eliminate him since Carlito never made it back into the ring, and hence never went over the top rope.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Curtis Axel was once eliminated from a Royal Rumble without being sent over the top rope, and if I remember correctly, that was the only instance where WWE actually acknowledged something like this. Someone threw Axel over the top rope as he complained, officially ending his Rumble run. I can’t imagine Carlito will get that treatment since he isn’t a comedic wrestler like Axel was in WWE. I’m also not convinced Carlito didn’t climb back in the ring and then went over the top rope while the camera was on Lashley making his entrance.

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