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WWE 2K Shares First Look At Bray Wyatt In 2K24

A first look as Bray Wyatt as The Fiend in WWE 2K24.

Learning that a pro wrestler has passed away at a young age never gets any easier, and even though it feels as if it happens less than it used to years ago, if anything, that makes it hit even harder when it does happen. No wrestler death hit quite as hard as the sudden passing of Bray Wyatt last year. Only 36, Triple H broke the news on social media. Wyatt had been dealing with heart issues and passed away while taking a nap, his prescribed defibrillator left in his car.

Bray Wyatt In WWE 2K24

Having only returned to WWE the year prior, there was still so much more fans wanted to see from the former World Champion. Now fans will have to rely on video games to imagine how the rest of Wyatt’s career might have looked, and 2K has confirmed The Eater of Worlds will be in its upcoming game.


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The studio confirmed Wyatt will be a part of the WWE 2K24 roster by sharing a first look at the in-game model on social media. A little more than that actually as 2K posted a clip featuring Wyatt’s entire entrance. Dressed as The Fiend, the demonic character Wyatt portrayed most during the final few years of his career, you can check out how Wyatt looks in WWE 2K24 below and relive his entrance from start to finish.

Give Him A Showcase

Whether The Fiend will be the only version of Wyatt included in WWE 2K24 hasn’t yet been revealed. It’s possible other versions of the late WWE Superstar make the roster too. My hope is all the other versions of Wyatt are saved for a future installment in the series that celebrates his entire career. There may not have been enough time to make 2K24’s showcase mode all about Wyatt, but hopefully that’s the plan for WWE 2K25.

This year’s showcase mode will celebrate 40 Years of WrestleMania. Fans have managed to glean what some of the included matches will be by Superstars on the roster and footage shown in trailers. However, the first official trailer for 2K24’s showcase mode will drop later today and may reveal more, if not all of the matches fans will be able to relive and play through in a few weeks when WWE 2K24 releases on March 8, 2024.

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