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WWE 2024 Hall Of Fame Class: Predictions

With WrestleMania season in full swing, there is a lot of speculation about potential matches that will end up happening, but a big part of that weekend is the WWE Hall Of Fame. This annual event allows the legacies of legendary wrestlers to be honored, with only the best of the best getting the nod to be part of it.


Every WWE Hall Of Famer That Never Wrestled In WWE, Ranked Worst To Best

WWE has inducted plenty of competitors into the WWE Hall Of Fame that never wrestled for the promotion!

Each year audiences get excited to see which wrestlers will be inducted, as people get to hear their speeches and enjoy seeing them around WrestleMania weekend. With Triple H now completely in charge of creative, it will also be the first time he has the responsibility of choosing the inductees, and with plenty of options, this year’s class could be a strong one.

Batista Is A Major Name To Draw Fans

His Induction Has Been On Pause For A While

WWE Tenure

Major WWE Titles

Notable Matches

2000-2010; 2014; 2019

2x WWE Champion 4x World Heavyweight Champion 3x World Tag Team Champion

Vs. Triple H (WWE Vengeance 2005) Vs. The Undertaker (WWE WrestleMania 23) Vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE WrestleMania 30)

Batista is due to be inducted into WWE’s Hall Of Fame, as he was originally announced to be part of the 2020 class, which was postponed due to COVID-19. There have then been attempts for it to happen since but the timing just hasn’t worked out, so it is simply a case of when and not if when it comes to Batista.

His career was spent in the main event scene, which is why he has more than warranted the induction. Plus, he’s a huge Hollywood name that will obviously bring a lot of attention to it.

Muhammad Ali Is A Legendary Figure

He Would Join The Celebrity Wing

muhammad ali at wrestlemania, and in wwe 2k24

WWE Tenure

Major WWE Titles

Notable Matches



Vs. Antonio Inoki (NJPW Real World Martial Arts Championship)

When people think about Muhammad Ali, it is obviously boxing that comes to mind. However, like many major celebrities over the years, he did dip his toes into the world of professional wrestling as he was the special guest referee for the main event of the original WrestleMania.


WWE: 10 Harsh Realities About WrestleMania Fans Need To Realize

While WrestleMania is the pinnacle of wrestling, things are far from perfect when it comes to WWE’s biggest event of the year.

It’s a major moment in WWE’s history, and with the company focusing on the past of ‘Mania as part of the branding it could be a unique connection. WWE is also adding him into the upcoming video game, which could be a sign hinting towards an induction happening.

Tommy Dreamer Has Earned An Induction

It Would Be A Philadelphia Connection

WWE Tenure

Major WWE Titles

Notable Matches

2001-2010; 2012; 2015-2016

1x ECW Champion 14x Hardcore Champion

Vs. Christian (WWE Night Of Champions 2009) Vs. Raven (ECW December To Dismember 1995) Vs. Rob Van Dam (ECW November To Remember 1997)

This year WrestleMania weekend is taking place in Philadelphia, therefore it seems obvious that there will be some sort of nod to ECW. This is the home of extreme, and WWE has often given former ECW stars an induction, and this year it could be the turn of Tommy Dreamer.

He did a lot for the company both in and out of the ring, and he was often known as the heart and soul of ECW, which is why he would be a fitting selection.

Michelle McCool Is Overdue

WWE Always Inducts A Female Wrestler

WWE Tenure

Major WWE Titles

Notable Matches


2x Women’s Champion 2x Divas Champion

Royal Rumble Match (WWE Royal Rumble 2018) Vs. Mickie James (WWE TLC 2009) Vs. Melina (WWE The Bash 2009)

Michelle McCool often gets overlooked when it comes to discussions of great female wrestlers, but that shouldn’t be the case. McCool was an excellent performer who was capable of putting on brilliant matches whenever she was given the chance.

She was also a compelling television character due to the heat she could gain from a crowd. McCool knew how to work an audience on the microphone, and giving the Divas era of WWE some attention at the Hall Of Fame is deserved.

Brian Pillman’s Time Could Be Now

WWE Has Recently Reached A Legends Deal With The Pillman Estate

WWE Tenure

Major Titles

Notable Matches

1996 – 1997

2x WCW Light Heavyweight Champion 1x WCW World Tag Team Champion

Vs. Jushin Thunder Liger (WCW SuperBrawl 2) W/ Hart Foundation vs. Austin, LOD, Goldust & Shamrock (WWE IYH: Canadian Stampede 1997) Vs. Johnny B. Badd (WCW Fall Brawl 1995)

Brian Pillman had a memorable career in the business, and he is someone who needs to become a Hall Of Famer at some stage in the future. He was involved in some very memorable angles, and the fact that Pillman’s son now works for the company gives a connection for WWE to put him into the Hall Of Fame.

WWE also recently came to terms with a legends deal for Pillman with his family, and that could be another sign that the company is preparing to start talking about his legacy more.

Mickie James Has Earned An Induction

She Had Two Great Runs With WWE

WWE Tenure

Major WWE Titles

Notable Matches

2003-2010; 2016-2021

5x Women’s Champion 1x Divas Champion

Vs. Trish Stratus (WWE WrestleMania 22) Vs. Lita (WWE Survivor Series 2006) Vs. Asuka (WWE NXT Takeover: Toronto 2016)

Mickie James is one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time, having put together an amazing career. She’s well known for creating amazing characters, and being capable of telling great stories while backing it all up inside the ring with her performances.

James’s husband Nick Aldis is currently working for the company, which showcases the positive relationship they have, which can be crucial for Hall Of Fame inductions. However, it is her body of work that is the sole reason she deserves, and could end up being inducted.

Ken Shamrock Could Get The Call

The UFC Merger Would Allow His Whole Career To Be Touched On

WWE Tenure

Major WWE Titles

Notable Matches


1x Intercontinental Champion 1x WWE Tag Team Champion

Vs. The Rock (WWE WrestleMania 14) Vs. Owen Hart (WWE SummerSlam 1998) Vs. The Rock (WWE King Of The Ring 1998)

Ken Shamrock played a huge role in the Attitude Era, but is often a forgotten man in the eyes of the WWE Universe because he doesn’t get spoken about as often as his peers at that time. However, Shamrock was able to put together a great run with some strong moments that were certainly Hall Of Fame worthy.

Shamrock also has a history in the UFC, and considering Endeavor owns both WWE and UFC, his HOF induction could end up touching on both elements of his life.

Demolition Are One Of The Most Iconic Teams In History

They Could Be The Tag Team Induction

WWE Tenure

Major WWE Titles

Notable Matches


3x WWE Tag Team Champion

Vs. Hart Foundation (WWE SummerSlam 1988) Vs. The Rockers (WWE Saturday Night Main Event #27) Vs. Hart Foundation (WWE SummerSlam 1990)

Every year a tag team gets inducted into WWE’s Hall Of Fame, and most people are surprised by the fact Demolition hasn’t already been inducted. They dominated the tag team division during their time together, and it’s something that certainly warrants being placed into the Hall Of Fame.

The team is well known amongst wrestling fans and would also be a great throwback to the 1980s, giving old-school fans the chance to look back upon a team that created so many great memories.

Fans Have Been Waiting On Lex Luger’s Induction

His Career Has Warranted Being A Hall Of Famer

WWE Tenure

Major Titles

Notable WWE Matches


2x WCW World Heavyweight Champion 2x WCW Television Champion 5x WCW United States Champion

Vs. Tatanka (SummerSlam 1994) Royal Rumble Match (Royal Rumble 1994) Vs. Yokozuna (WWE SummerSlam 1993)

Lex Luger is somebody who gets discussed every year when the Hall Of Fame rolls around, and that’s because people really want to see it. He was one of the biggest names in the business during his run, being pushed as a main event act particularly with his Lex Express run.


WCW: Every Major Lex Luger Feud, Ranked Worst To Best

Lex Luger was presented as a huge star in WCW. How do each of his major feuds in the company stack up, when ranked from worst to best?

Luger’s decision to join WCW was also a groundbreaking moment in wrestling, which helped to intensify the Monday Night Wars in the eyes of fans. Luger has had a positive relationship with the company lately as well, even appearing on WWE’s The Bump, which is a positive sign for him being inducted.

Bray Wyatt Would Be An Emotional Induction

He’d Be A Fitting Headliner

WWE Tenure

Major WWE Titles

Notable Matches

2009-2021; 2022-2023

2x Universal Champion 1x WWE Champion 1x Raw Tag Team Champion 1x SmackDown Tag Team Champion

Vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Royal Rumble 2014) Vs. The Shield (WWE Elimination Chamber 2014) Elimination Chamber Match (WWE Elimination Chamber 2017)

Bray Wyatt is one of the greatest wrestlers of the modern era, being someone who constantly reinvented himself and looked at professional wrestling in a different way than anybody else. He told amazing stories and had some compelling angles that constantly kept fans gripped no matter what he did.

He put together some great in-ring performances as well, but it was through his promos that audiences truly connected to him. His passing shocked the industry to its core, and seeing his legacy honored in this way would be fitting.

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