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Will the MCU Ever Have Solo Hulk Movies? Here’s What Mark Ruffalo Revealed

Mark Ruffalo, the beloved actor known for his portrayal of Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), recently shed light on the possibility of a standalone Hulk movie. Fans have long awaited a solo adventure for the green behemoth, but Ruffalo’s recent comments may break the hearts of many, offering insights into Marvel Studios’ stance on the matter.

Mark Ruffalo reveals that there is no solo Hulk project in the plan 

During a panel at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF), Mark Ruffalo provided a candid update on the status of a solo Hulk movie. Ruffalo recounted a conversation with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, where the topic of a standalone Hulk film arose. Unfortunately for fans eager to see Hulk take center stage, Ruffalo’s revelation seemed to quash any hopes of such a project materializing. 

“Yeah. Kevin [Feige] was like, ‘What would you like to do?’ And he said, ‘What would you do if you had a standalone Hulk movie?’ I said, ‘Well, I’d like to take him from this raging maniac to kind of this integrated character.’ And he’s like, ‘Okay. We’ll do that over the course of four movies. We’ll never give you a standalone Hulk…I Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but that’s just not going to [happen.] So, we’ll do it over four movies, how does that sound?’ As far as I know. [when asked if it’s still true that Marvel Studios doesn’t want to do a Hulk movie.] I can talk more about it, but I’ve been told not to,” Ruffalo disclosed.

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The Incredible Hulk (IMDb)

Navigating the complications of the solo Hulk movie

The possibility of a solo Hulk movie has been marred by intricate legalities surrounding the character’s movie rights. Historically, Universal held distribution rights for the Hulk, complicating Marvel Studios’ ability to produce standalone Hulk films. While these rights reportedly reverted back to Marvel Studios in June 2023, the reluctance to pursue a solo Hulk movie seems rooted in factors beyond legal hurdles.

The last standalone Hulk movie, The Incredible Hulk, was released in 2008 and featured Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. Despite its box office success, the film received mixed reviews and failed to establish a strong foundation for future solo endeavors. Since then, Ruffalo’s Hulk has been integrated into various MCU films and series, maintaining a presence but never headlining his own story.

Hulk and Captain America: Brave New World (IMDb)

Ruffalo’s portrayal of the Hulk has been most recently seen in the She-Hulk: Attorney At Law TV show, signaling ongoing involvement in the MCU. Furthermore, his upcoming role in Captain America: Brave New World suggests continued exploration of Hulk’s narrative arc within the larger MCU landscape.

Captain America: Brave New World, set to release on February 14, 2025, promises to further intertwine Hulk’s story with the broader MCU narrative. With characters like Abomination and General Ross returning, the film too offers an opportunity to delve deeper into Hulk’s lore and explore new dimensions of his character.

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