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Why toilet paper is white: these are some reasons

He toilet paper It is one of the basic products in the bathroom of any home, and although we can find it in many formats, the traditional roll is white. But what is the reason?

As stated RTVE.es In a report, the origin of toilet paper is in China, until in 1857, the American Joseph Gayetty invented the toilet paper we use today.

Pedro Gargantilla explains in the program Science through a tube that the raw manufacturing process “begins with a cellulose pulp, just like any other type of paper from the wood of trees, mainly pines and eucalyptus”.

“Then the trademarks bleach wood pulp with hydrogen peroxide or chlorine to make it whiter and more aesthetic,” explains Gargantilla.

Date at a restaurant.

In the second process, the conversion into the final product, lignin is removed, “a wood polymer that acts like glue and that gives rigidity to the trees and that is usually an ugly brown color,” says the doctor.

The suspension of this polymer produces whitening of the paper, “in addition increases the softness of the texture and prolongs its half-life,” adds Pedro Gargantilla.

As for the small wrinkles in the paper, they are called creped and serve “to increase the specific surface area of ​​the paper and open the fibers”, in order to achieve greater absorption capacity and flexibility compared to other papers.

But although toilet paper can be colored for a long time, why does white still predominate? The reason is simple: “White toilet paper It is much cheaper than if it were colored“says Pedro Gargantilla, who adds that the perception of cleanliness is far superior to any other tone.

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