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Whoopi Goldberg Tells ‘The View’ That Aliens Have Been Here “For Quite Some Time” And Are “Watching Us”

Whoopi Goldberg is making a habit of dropping some shocking theories on The View when we least expect it. After making waves earlier this month with her proclamation that Donald Trump has been using AI in his appearances, Goldberg made another eyebrow-raising claim today when she told her co-hosts that aliens are here with us now — and have been for a while.

She shared her extraterrestrial take during a chat with guest Kumail Nanjiani, who joined the Hot Topics table to promote his film Ghostbusters: The Frozen Empire. After Sunny Hostin asked Nanjiani if he believes in ghosts after filming the latest move in the famous franchise, he replied, “I’ve never had an encounter or anything. I’ll tell you what, I do believe in aliens.”

The comedian continued, “I think aliens are circling us, waiting for us to get it together so they can come on down. You know like when you have company and you’re like, ‘Could you please recycle the beer bottles? People are showing up.’ Can we be humans to each other this election cycle, can we do that?”

“I think they’re waiting for us to like, clean up a little bit so that they can come here and tell us we’re really messing things up,” he added.

When Goldberg interjected, “They’re already here,” Hostin asked, “Oh, they’re here already?”

Her co-host, maintaining a very serious tone, repeated, “They are already, they’ve been here for quite some time.”

Nanjiani then asked Goldberg, “You think they’re here? And what are they doing?”

The View moderator replied, “They’re watching us,” and Hostin backed her up, chiming in, “They’re talking to Whoopi,” as the studio audience laughed.

Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines
Photo: ABC

Nanjiani wondered, “They’re watching us?” and Ghost superfan Sara Haines — who had been silent up until this point in the alien debate — exclaimed, “She talks to ghosts, not aliens. Duh!” referring to Goldberg’s role as Oda Mae Brown in the 1990 classic film.

Haines added, “The movie was Ghost, not Alien,” then jokingly turned to Goldberg and assured her, “I got you, girl.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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