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Who Goes Home on the 2-on-1 Date, Sydney or Maria?

ABC’s The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4 features more drama between Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas. Sydney and Maria’s drama started early this season, and Joey Graziadei will finally hash it out in episode 4 with a two-on-one date featuring both women. So, who doesn’t receive a rose on the date? Here are The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4 spoilers.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4 spoilers ahead.]

‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 Episode 4 spoilers: Who goes home on the 2-on-1 date?

The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4 spoilers are here, and Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas head out with Joey Graziadei on a two-on-one date.

The date follows weeks of drama surrounding Sydney and Maria. Initially, the issues began when Madina Alam expressed insecurity over her age. Madina, the oldest contestant remaining on the season, worried that this could impact her relationship with Joey Graziadei. Maria overhead Madina and didn’t understand why Madina thought her age put her behind in the competition. Unfortunately, Sydney overhead Maria chatting to another contestant about Madina. Sydney approached Maria about the situation, and it exploded from there.

Sydney spoke to Joey about how she believes Madina is a mean woman who shouldn’t be in the house with the rest of the cast. When Joey approached Maria about Sydney’s claims, Maria was offended at the idea that others were calling her a bully.

In episode 4, fans see the final showdown between Maria and Sydney during their date with Joey. According to spoilers, Joey believes Maria over Sydney, sending Sydney home. Maria continues in the competition and makes it all the way to hometowns, where Joey meets her family in Canada.

A teaser for the 2-on-1 date shows Joey Graziadei saying he’s ‘more confused’ now than ever

'The Bachelor' Season 28 star Joey Graziadei talking to Maria Georgas
‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 star Joey Graziadei and Maria Georgas | Disney/John Fleenor

Joey Graziadei brings Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas on a two-on-one date in The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4 to clarify the situation. But it seems the date doesn’t go exactly how Joey envisioned. A teaser posted to Instagram shows Joey saying he’s “more confused” after speaking to the women than he was when the date started.

“I’m trying not to have any bias,” a voiceover from Joey states in the teaser. “I’m trying to make sure I hear both sides.”

“The truth needs to be said,” Sydney says. “And it sucks that I’ve been put in this position.”

Another clip in the teaser shows Maria speaking to Joey. “I’ll be honest, like, it’s pissing me off to even be here, because being accused of being these things, it worries me,” she tells him.

“I feel like I might be more confused than I was going into today now,” Joey tells the camera. “I still don’t really know the truth of what’s happened.”

Bachelor Nation alum Ashley Iaconetti defended Sydney Gordon

Bachelor Nation alum Ashley Iaconetti took to social media to defend Sydney Gordon from the hate. Ashley and her husband, Jared Haibon, work with Sydney off of the show, and they helped get her cast for Joey Graziadei’s season. Ashley posted a photo with Sydney to her Instagram Stories, asking fans to “please be kind.”

“Please be kind to our friend,” Ashley captioned the selfie, according to Us Weekly. “Sometimes, you just have to have been there to understand why people made the moves they did.”

While speaking to Ben Higgins on the Almost Famous podcast, Ashley defended Sydney. “I think there’s a lot of context missing, and that’s what I’ll say,” she said.

Ben wasn’t convinced. “[Sydney] is beautiful,” he noted. “She is confident. Obviously, you said it, so I have to trust you. She’s cool. She’s got so much going on. [So], Sydney, what are you doing? Give it up.”

This story was originally reported by Reality Steve.

The Bachelor Season 28 airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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