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“When we saw ‘8 Basque surnames’ for the first time, we were not amused”

The Anthill The week started this Monday with the visit of Carmen Machi and Karra Elejalde. The actors presented their new film, The Voice of the Sunwhich opens in theaters on September 22.

Current affairs gathering from 'El Hormiguero'.

Both interpreters coincided in one of the greatest hits of Spanish cinema, 8 Basque surnamesand they remembered with Pablo Motos some anecdotes from the film.

“We have worked together several times and Carmen always likes to see me pissed offhis face changes when he does it,” Elejalde commented with a laugh. “I annoy him by telling him to shut up,” Machi explained.

The actor added that “in 8 Basque surnames Carmen gave me a kiss that almost suffocated me“. Both also commented on a surprising fact about the premiere.

“When Karra, Clara Lago, Dani Rovira and I went to Seeing it for the first time was not funny, but we saw that the more people saw, the more amused they were. Hence its success, because of the public,” said the guest.

Carmen Machi, in 'El Hormiguero'.
Carmen Machi, in ‘El Hormiguero’.

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