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when the time changes

The sun has given way to rain and temperatures no longer go above 30 degrees. He autumn is here – it officially enters this Saturday – and with it comes the famous Time change. He autumn equinox It will take all of Spain to a new schedule, winter time, which will make the days shorter and nightfall an hour earlier. But,when the change occurs?

The most sleepyheads will be in luck on the last Saturday of the month of October, on the 29th. In the early hours of Saturday to Sunday the clocks will be turned back one hour, from 3 in the morning to 2, so there will be an extra hour of sleep for everyone.

After the change from now to October, automatically the sun will rise at 8:30 a.m. and it will be around 19:04. In this way, although the minutes of daylight are gradually reduced since summer, many will notice that they will lose an hour of light, until they reach the shortest day of the year, coinciding with the Winter SolsticeFriday, December 22

Fall will begin on September 23.

Every year, during the two time changes that occur, a debate is opened, despite the fact that this modification responds to compliance with the European Directive 2000/84/EC that affects, without exception, all the countries of the European Union. Although the European Comission The idea of ​​definitively eliminating it has been around for some time, no firm steps have yet been taken and according to Royal Decree 236/2002, the clock will continue to change twice a year until 2026. In the United States, for its part, they will end this tradition in 2023 with their Sunshine Protection Act.

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