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When is Pancake Day 2023?

PANCAKE DAY is where people make and eat pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

Here’s all you need to know about the 2023 event.

Pancake Day falls on February 21, 2023


Pancake Day falls on February 21, 2023

When is Pancake Day 2023?

Every year, the date Pancake Day falls on changes depending on the date of Easter.

However, Shrove Tuesday – as the name suggests always lands on a Tuesday.

The day is always a Tuesday between February 3 and March 9.

In 2023, you need to make sure you have all your pancake ingredients ready in time for February 21.

Why is Pancake Day always on Tuesday?

Pancake Day – or Shrove Tuesday – comes the day before Ash Wednesday.

As well as eating pancakes, it is also a day of confession when Christians were “shriven” – meaning absolved from their sins.

It is celebrated 47 days before Easter Sunday, so the date varies year to year, but it always falls on a Tuesday.

It is considered the final day of indulgence, when eggs and fats can be used up, before the 40-day period of Lent, traditionally a time of fasting.

In French-speaking places the day is often referred to as Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) – which has also been adopted abroad in places such as the US.

Shrove comes from the old English word “shrive,” which means “to obtain absolution for one’s sins by way of confession and doing penance”.

What are the best pancake toppings?

Brits most commonly opt for thin large pancake that can be served with toppings and rolled up.

Although some prefer the American style of thicker pancakes, all you need for a typical British pancake is 125g of plain flour, two medium eggs, 300ml of milk and a pinch of salt.

And Brits typically top their thin crêpe-like pancakes with lemon and caster sugar.

Others venture slightly further from tradition with honey, golden syrup, fresh or tinned fruit, or ice cream.

But really, you can top your pancakes with anything you like – peanut butter, jam, yoghurt, caramel, chocolate chips, Nutella, or whipped cream.

You can even go savoury with bacon, cheese, eggs, vegetables – the list is endless.

According to celeb chef Jamie Oliver: “The sky’s the limit when it comes to pancake toppings, so experiment with your flavours to keep things interesting.”

He adds on his website: “Go savoury or sweet, add fresh herbs or citrus zest, embrace seasonal fruit, or make veg the hero.

Read more on the Irish Sun

“Think about textures and colour – crunchy nuts or creamy yoghurt, crumbly cheese or soft roasted tomatoes – and most importantly, keep things fresh.”

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