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We rescue millions of grotty motors every day – you can make your car look brand new using DIY essential you already own

CAR owners have been amazed after a £2.99 hack cleaned the crevices in their car with no issue.

The folks at RAC car insurance have provided a plethora of helpful tips in keeping you car spic and span.

If you don't want to pay loads for a deep clean, this could be a solution


If you don’t want to pay loads for a deep clean, this could be a solutionCredit: Getty
The hacks could save you loads of money


The hacks could save you loads of moneyCredit: Getty

One area of trouble for many car owners are the gaps and crevices found between seats, vents, gear sticks, window controls and more.

But a simple fix can be found at Screwfix for only £2.99 – and it’s ingenious.

RAC explained: “Wrap a cloth or rag around a small screwdriver, using the head to move in on the offending crumbs, dust and grime.

“A damp toothbrush or fine wire brush is also good for this (especially in seat linings).”

They also suggested using toothpaste to scrub cloudy headlight lenses – the baking soda inside the toothpaste helps them to sparkle.

For filthy floor mats, spritz them with a stain remover and let it speak in before tossing it in your washing machine.

Drivers were warned of a car cleaning “hack” which could cause thousands of pounds in damage.

A video has shown how coconut oil bought for just £2 at B&M can buffer up the wing mirrors on a truck or car.

The video, posted by Mrs Tink, shows how smudge of the oil transformed the appearance of the wing mirrors.

After buffering up the truck she even smeared some of the oil on her face. However she added a note of caution, saying she was not sure how the hack would affect the truck in the long run.

Now a specialist insurance company has warned drivers that so called cleaning hacks promoted on social media could lead to lasting damage to their vehicles.

Cheap items bought at the supermarket could lead to damage to the car paint by harming the clear coat layer, making the paintwork look dull or even causing small scratches to spread. The damage could cost thousands to repair.

A £2.99 solution at Screwfix could solve your problems


A £2.99 solution at Screwfix could solve your problemsCredit: screwfix

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