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WCW’s Oldest Tag Teams

If you believe that people used to look older than they were in the past – well, there’s some truth to that. Which is why the list of the oldest tag teams in WCW may come as a surprise to some people, as many prominent tag team wrestlers are missing from it. For example, William Regal was 29 years old in 1997. Arn Anderson was only 39 when he retired. And Brian Knobbs was only in his mid-thirties when WCW closed.


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Add to this the fact that mostly main event talents were in their forties in WCW and you will see that the tag team and midcard scene was relatively young for most of the company’s history. Nonetheless, there were exceptions when veterans would team up or experienced teams come in to bring experience to the tag team division. Here then are the eight oldest tag teams in WCW history, ranked by combined age.

8 The Original Brisco Brothers

Jerry And Jack Were Veterans In The Early Eighties

Brisco Brothers


Combined Age: 79 Years

Jack Brisco

September 21, 1941

42 years old (May 1984)

Gerald Brisco

September 19, 1946

37 years old (May 1984)

Most fans remember Jerry Brisco as part of the stooges with Pat Patterson. Jerry was in his early-fifties at the time, which means he was in his mid-thirties during his feud alongside his brother against Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood. Older brother Jack, himself a former NWA World Champion at the time, was in his early forties. Their combined age during their last tag title run in early 1984, with Jack 43 and Jerry 38, puts them on this list.

7 The Harris Brothers Stuck Around Long Enough To Become WCW Veterans

Joined At The Twin-Hip In Many Promotions

Harris Boys


Combined Age: 80 Years

Ron Harris

October 23, 1960

40 years old (October 2000)

Don Harris

October 23, 1960

40 years old (October 2000)

The Harris Twins made their big screen debut in the WWE in 1995 when they were already in their mid-thirties, having spent most of their early careers in the USWA and SMW. In 1999, they were hired by Vince Russo to join him in WCW. There, the Harris Twins would stick around until the company closed. Thanks to the later half of their stint in WCW, the twins made it onto this list as they celebrated their fortieth birthday in October 2000.


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6 Scott Hall & Kevin Nash Scratched 40 When The NWO Was Formed

The Cool Older Guys That Started The Takeover

The Outsiders


Combined Age: 81 Years

Scott Hall

October 20, 1958

41 years old (December 1999)

Kevin Nash

July 9, 1959

40 years old (December 1999)

In 1996, nobody was cooler than the Outsiders and, really, the entire NWO. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had just left successful stints in WWE and still felt fresh. However, they had both been around since the mid-to-late eighties and were approaching their forties. By the time the Outsiders won their last WCW Tag Team Titles in late 1999, both men were over forty which earns them the spot on this list.

5 The Jersey Triad Makes This List On A Technicality

Two Veterans And A Junior

Jersey Triad


Combined max. age: 81 Years

Diamond Dallas Page

April 5, 1956

43 years old (September 1999)

Bam Bam Bigelow

September 1, 1961

38 years old (September 1999)

Chris Kanyon

January 4, 1970

29 years old (September 1999)

It seems unfair to introduce a three-man tag team on this list since they have – literally – the numerical advantage: of course three men are going to be older in total than any two men in the same age range. How is this fair? Well, the Jersey Triad, comprised of Bam Bam Bigelow, Diamond Dallas Page, and Chris Kanyon makes the list even when leaving Kanyon out.


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While most combinations involved Kanyon, the team of Bam Bam and DDP are technically part of the Triad. With Bigelow being 38 and DDP being 43, one combination earns their spot on the oldest tag team list.

4 The Sheepherders Had A Brief Stint In JCP/NWA

Before Age Mellowed The Blood-Thirsty New Zealanders

The Bushwhackers


Combined Age: 84 Years

Butch Miller

October 21, 1944

43 years old (September 1988)

Luke Williams

January 8, 1947

41 years old (September 1988)

The Sheepherders had wrestled in different combinations all over the world before entering Jim Crockett Promotions in 1988. While their run didn’t even last a year, Butch Miller and Luke Williams were already both in their early-to-mid forties when they debuted in Jim Crockett Promotions. After a few months, the pair would move on to the WWE where they would achieve the height of their fame as the fun-loving Bushwhackers – the complete opposite of their blood-thirsty Sheepherder personalities.

3 Kevin Nash & DDP Were The Insiders

Essentially The Outsiders, But Older

The Insiders


Combined Age: 85 Years

Diamond Dallas Page

April 5, 1956

44 years old (December 2000)

Kevin Nash

July 9, 1959

41 years old (December 2000)

Scott Hall had been fired by WCW in October, making an Outsiders reunion impossible for the struggling company. As an alternative, Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page – both friends of Hall – formed the Insiders. Whether it was a shot at WCW executives for firing Hall or a play on words for the two team members’ close relationship with Bischoff or a mix of the two is up for debate. What is not up for debate is the combined age of both men at the time which puts them into the slot of third-oldest tag team in WCW history.

2 Bunkhouse Buck And Dick Slater Achieved Late Success In WCW

Southern Rasslin’ Veterans Find Late Glory

Stud Stable


Combined Age: 89 Years

Bunkhouse Buck

August 1, 1950

45 years old (September 1995)

Dick Slater

May 19, 1951

44 years old (September 1995)

Robert Fuller had quite some success in mid-nineties WCW as Colonel Robert Parker. His last success story in the gimmick was the combination of Bunkhouse Buck – Fuller’s real-life cousin and former tag team partner Jimmy Golden – and Dick Slater. The two veterans were already well into their forties when they won the WCW Tag Team Titles. The two would hold the titles for a little while before losing them again at Fall Brawl 1995 against Harlem Heat but the success made them the oldest tag team champions in WCW history.

1 An Alliance Between Ric Flair And Lex Luger

Team Package Had A Brief Run In Early 2000

Team Package


Combined Age: 92 Years

Ric Flair

February 25, 1949

51 years old (April 2000)

Lex Luger

June 2, 1958

41 years old (April 2000)

After Vince Russo was sent home in January 2000, Kevin Sullivan took over booking responsibilities in WCW. One of his first acts was to bring Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair back and programming them against each other. Lex Luger, then known simply as The Total Package, was brought into the mix as well, forming an alliance with Flair called Team Package. Once Russo took over creative again, both men found themselves in the Millionaire’s Club. The team would continue for a little while longer until the storyline between the Millionaire’s Club and the New Blood began to fizzle out but it earned Luger and Flair the distinction as the oldest tag team in WCW history.

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