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Vox accuses the PP of “navel-gazing” by organizing a solo act against the amnesty and calls for taking to the streets in Barcelona

This is not the time to “navel gaze.” Vox calls for “strong” opposition against the amnesty, an allegation in which the formation of Santiago Abascal regrets not feeling accompanied by him PP. The third political force disgraces Genoa for having organized its own act alone against the demands of the independence movement and demands instead to take to the streets of Barcelona on October 8 in support of civil society and without a party card. “It is time to be at the side of the Spanish people,” claims the secretary general, Ignacio Garriga.

The formula chosen by the popular people to display their opposition to the amnesty does not convince Vox. “It is an act of the PP, a rally called by Alberto Núñez Feijóo,” Garriga acknowledged this Monday in a press conference in which he reproached the popular party for not having counted on other political forces like his. Sources from Abascal’s party assure that They found out about the call for the “great event” announced by Genoa against the amnesty for next Sunday, September 24, through the press and they rule out attending, since it is a party event and they have not been invited.

“Which We must avoid navel-gazing by calling for events limited to those who have a certain party card.“We must be alongside the brave people who are in Catalonia, suffering in many cases from situations of lack of freedom,” Garriga criticized. Vox does not consider that it is an opportune time to organize party events, since, as they argue, that This type of maneuver can arouse reluctance even among some of the detractors of the independence movement who do not feel represented in the acronym of the PP. This is why Abascal’s party does not currently contemplate calling its own event in imitation of that of Genoa.

Instead, Vox calls for joining forces and taking to the streets against the amnesty in support of civil society and without a party card. “We call for mobilization, for all good Spaniards to attend the demonstration on October 8 in Barcelonabeyond events that at specific times can be called by our political formation or by other civil society associations,” Garriga has remarked. Oblivious to the “great act” of the PP, those from Abascal put the focus on the demonstration called by Sociedad Civil Catalana for the second Sunday in October, to which the party leadership has already confirmed its attendance.

MURCIA, 09/14/2023.- The president of Vox Santiago Abascal (c), accompanied by the president of Murcia and new vice president of the Community of Murcia José Ángel Antelo (d), attends to the press during a moment of the ceremony inauguration of the councilors of the new government of Fernando López Miras this Thursday at the San Esteban Palace.  EFE/Marcial Guillén SPAIN GOVERNMENT INVESTITURE

“Vox will be on the side of civil society,” the secretary general insisted this Monday, calling to make the October 8 event “a success.” “Let’s repeat those images of the streets of Catalonia with national flags, with a festive and protesting spirit at the same time and conveying a forceful message: there will be no socialist party, separatist parties, criminals or fugitives who can destroy the unity of the nation and the rule of law,” invited Garriga, who has committed to being next to “the brave” who have been “breaking their faces” for years in the streets of Catalonia to defend “freedom and legality” and “subjected to harassment and the demolition of separatist institutionalism.”

The call for citizen mobilization by Vox is not too far from the PP’s intention to bring together as many citizens as possible at its event next Sunday. For this reason, Abascal’s party reproaches the Popular Party for continuing to encourage citizens to participate in it and, at the same time, having avoided joining forces with other political parties by opting for a solitary call. That is not the only inconsistency that Vox points out in the popular ranks. Those from Abascal denounce the lack of a “single discourse” in the PP and they accuse Feijóo’s party of calling an event against the amnesty and, at the same time, sitting down to talk with “coup plotters.”

“We don’t quite understand how, at the same time that a political event is called to criticize this amnesty, they sit down with the coup plotters, we don’t know how to talk about what or negotiate what,” Garriga stated this Monday. The PP has recognized “informal” contacts with Junts, but Feijóo finally declined to meet formally with the independence party as he did not share its demands to sit down to negotiate.. Vox’s parliamentary spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Pepa Millán, already drew attention on Thursday to what, in her opinion, is an inconsistency. “We understand that this can give an image of disunity”the Andalusian deputy then lamented.

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