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(Video) Thegrefg fails to fill the sports stadium for Esland and discounts the tickets

Andorra la VellaThegrefg has been warning for weeks about the many challenges that the organization of the Esland (a kind of YouTubers’ Oscars) is facing in Andorra. The main thing is the logistics and managing to fill the sports stadium with fans who must be willing to pay high price tickets and a trip, in addition to all the YouTubers who will have to move to the Principality.

A situation, regarding the price of tickets, which has already caused Thegrefg to react, seeing that sales are not going as they expected, they have lowered the prices with the aim of filling the room. As he himself explains, the tickets ranged from 50 euros at the cheapest to 200 at the best places. After the reduction, no ticket will exceed 70 euros, which represents a significant discount, and which shows the possible desperation of the organizers, unable until now to guarantee that the room is full.

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