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Vicky Luengo demonstrates how showing her feet in ‘La Resistencia’ has affected her role in ‘Reina Roja’

He February 29 Next year Amazon Prime Video will premiere Red Queena highly anticipated series that is based on the best seller homonym of Juan Gómez-Jurado. In his distribution we find Alex Brendemuhlto Nacho Fresneda already Hovik Keuchkerianbeing that of Vicky Luengo the central presence.

The actress, in continuous projection since Riot gear, embodies its protagonist in Red Queen: Antonia Scott, the most intelligent person on Earth thanks to an IQ of 242 that has made him participate in a secret police project.

Promoting Red Queenas well as his play Prima facieThen he went to The resistance to talk about their projects and deal with jokes Dani Rovira. During the evening a curious discovery was made, which directly connects The resistance with Red Queen. And Luengo has revealed that thanks to his first visit to the program, two years ago, those responsible for Red Queen They decided to shoot certain scenes in a certain way. All because of the actress’s feet.

Vicky Luengo ('Riot Riot')

“The first time I came I showed my feet and they gave me a sack of what I had ugly feet during years. I’m going to teach them again now and it’s going to last. two more years“, laments the actress of Suro. What happened in the previous program is that Luengo took off her heels and talked to Rovira about how he had always had a complex about the appearance of his feet. These remained in public view, guaranteeing several subsequent conversations by Luengo but also affecting, in an unexpected way, the future production of Red Queen.

“Recording Red Queen The character goes barefoot for a long time, he had to walk Lavapiés barefoot I saw that the camera was focusing on my feet all the time and, do you know why that was?” explains Luengo. “Because Koldo Serrathe director, told me that since he saw me in The Resistance“I wanted my feet to be seen.” Faced with the discovery, Broncano could only say “Well, nothing,” while Luengo concluded: “So you are part of Red Queen”.

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