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Valerie Bertinelli And Her Food Show Get Nominated For Emmy Awards After Cancellation; Says ‘I Got Some Good News And Some Bad News’

Valerie Bertinelli and her cooking show have been nominated for the Daytime Emmy Awards. Despite running for 14 seasons, the Food Network decided to cancel the show. Bertinelli’s show, Valerie’s Home Cooking, premiered in 2015, where the actress and her friends taught their audience different recipes and techniques for presenting food in various ways.

After her nomination, Bertinelli posted stories on Instagram celebrating her selections. She wrote, “I’m speechless.” The actress is competing against Lidia Bastianich, Emeril Lagasse, Eduardo Garcia, Sophia Roe, and Buddy Valastro, while the show has been in the category of Outstanding Culinary Series. 

What Did Valerie Bertinelli Say About Cancellation Of Her Show?

Speaking with People Magazine, Bertinelli disclosed that the Food Network had canceled her cooking show. She said, “I got some good news, and I got some bad news. The good news is that tomorrow at 12 noon on Food Network, the 14th season of Valerie’s Home Cooking starts airing all-new episodes. The bad news is that it’s its final season.” 

She added, “Food Network canceled us last summer; I have no idea why. And I didn’t say anything last summer because, honestly, I was hoping they would change their mind. But they have not. So this is it, this is the final season.”

The actress continued, “I know it’s business. I just really loved my job—loved, loved my job.” Regarding her cookbook, the One Day At A Time actress claimed, “I wanted to write about forgiveness and joy and finding the sweetness in life.”


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Valerie Bertinelli Loved Her Show

To make an announcement of her show going off-air, Bertinelli posted a video on her Instagram account, sharing that she loved her show. She also thanked her crew members. Bertinelli said in the video, “loved making this show. It was such a dream come true. Every single part of it brought me so much joy.”

She further added, “I loved the crew, I loved everybody in production. They loved making this show for you. So, I hope that you enjoy this final season because we made every single episode with love for all of you.” 

Valerie Bertinelli co-hosted a kid’s baking competition alongside Duff Goldman and additionally wrote a cookbook called Indulge. 


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