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Uncle Howdy Takes Over WWE Twitch Stream, Missing Therapist Drops Big Clue

Uncle Howdy just hacked WWE’s Twitch feed and showed several new clues, including the potential to answer a huge question fans have been pondering.

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  • Uncle Howdy’s videos on Twitch hint he may have been the last to see the missing therapist.
  • QR code message suggests a group connected to WWE may be planning something chaotic.
  • Fans eagerly await the debut of Uncle Howdy’s faction, with clues popping up in various WWE media.

Uncle Howdy took over WWE‘s Twitch stream on Thursday, posting another clue as this cryptic and odd storyline progresses. This time, the hints in the videos seem to confirm that he was the last one to see the missing therapist from the most recent clue and that there is a “they” involved in whoever is going to show up, potentially at the King or Queen of the Ring PLE.

Videos are popping up all over social media with clips of the video that interrupted the Twitch stream Thursday afternoon. It was during a video of Kane making his way to the ring, and along with quick glances of familiar images, the video stopped on an empty chair and stayed there for a few seconds. Then, the therapist from the newspaper clip that said a local woman was missing showed up and sat down. The video shows her talking to someone, the viewpoint being the person sitting in the other chair.. That someone is presumed to be either Uncle Howdy, or a person from his “family”. The video on Twitch was all over the place but was about an hour long.

The QR Code confirmed there is more than just Uncle Howdy involved. “You didn’t want us” was part of the message, hinting that those involved in the group might be “throwaways” who were discarded by WWE or fans. Perhaps they are misfits or outcasts who have linked up with Howdy and plan to return to cause chaos. The 20 images that showed up in the most recent clue from Raw were clearly taken where this footage was shot. The mirror, the floor, the scrap pieces of paper, and more were all the same as the ones shown in the images.


Latest Uncle Howdy QR Code Teases Group’s Debut Date

The latest QR code seems to indicate the debut date for Uncle Howdy and what is expected to be his completely new faction.

When Is This Group Arriving?

Now that we know this is a group, and we know that the leader has been talking to a therapist, something imminent is about to happen. Whether it takes place at King and Queen of the Ring, includes the missing woman, or will reveal all the members of the group isn’t clear.

Fans are fascinated with these videos and this is the longest one WWE has put together yet. It also hints that fans should keep an eye on more than just Raw and SmackDown for clues. That this took place on their Twitch stream and didn’t happen anywhere else means WWE is testing the boundaries of how far fans will go to follow along.

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