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UFC fighter’s leg twisted into a completely unnatural position – “I thought it was going to come off”

Muhammad Mokayev’s knee was brutally twisted.

Muhammad Mokaev refused to give up.Muhammad Mokaev refused to give up.

Muhammad Mokaev refused to give up. PDO

Freelancer Muhammad Mokayev got into a really bad fight at UFC night in London.

Fighting in front of his home crowd, the Englishman found himself Jafel Filhon from a knee lock with only two minutes left in the fight.

The pictures from inside the cage show that Mokaev’s left leg was brutally overextended. By some miracle, however, he managed to clear the situation.

Watch the shocking looking knee lock in the video. UFC can be watched on Elisa Viihde Viaplay and V Sport channels.

– Quite a lot of people would have already applauded, Viaplay’s narrator Jani Rajalin amazed at the flexibility of the British actor.

If the image does not appear on your device, you can view it from here.

Mokaev soon hurt Filho’s back and twisted his neck so that the Brazilian had to give up.

After the match ended, you could see that Filho’s knee was really hard to deal with. Mokaev could barely put weight on his left leg. According to the man, the knee creaked menacingly 3-4 times during the crunch.

– I was waiting for my knee to tear. I thought it would come off, Mokajev said after the match.

However, handing over did not occur to him.

– I knew that I would rest next month because Ramadan starts in three, four days. I don’t want to rest as a quitter, Mokayev continued.

Mokayev is still undefeated in his professional career. In the UFC, he has now won four.

If the video doesn’t show up on your device, you can watch it from here.

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