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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

This is the horoscope prediction by zodiac sign for Tuesday, September 19, 2023. Check your sign in 20minutos.es.


Although you were sure that you were going to receive a lot of help and everything was going to be in your favor, however, today you will have to face an important problem related to your work or economy alone. In the end you will achieve with many efforts that the situation is resolved in your favor, but combined with bitter disappointment.


Beware of deception and betrayal, or perhaps even self-deception yourself. At this time the nebulous and confusing planet Neptune is powerful and dissonant. Be very careful if you have to carry out any important work or financial transaction today, and even more so if you do it with other partners.


You have many chances of being disappointed, or even suffering a real betrayal, on a personal level, whether in love or friendship. Try not to mix friendship and love with money or business, and if you have already done so, be very careful because things are not as they seem. Although in the end you will be lucky.


Now you have to move with caution, thinking things through before doing them, you must be careful in case you trust the wrong person and give your friendship or affection to someone who deep down envies you and only wants to hurt you. Fortunately, now you are in a good moment and in the end destiny will protect you.


You are one of the few who today is going to have a pretty good day and you will not let planetary afflictions affect you or, where appropriate, you will be able to counteract them thanks to the great protection of luck that accompanies you at this time. Today you will feel very confident about yourself and this will manifest itself in the form of successes at work.


Today the adverse influence of Neptune will cause you to waste time and a lot of effort on details that are not important and, however, you run the risk of leaving aside much more important matters that are much more urgent. Don’t let the little things keep you from your true goals.


You are going to be the victim of a great injustice, or you are going to believe so, related to work, financial matters or even some lawsuit that you could lose when you were totally sure that you would triumph. These things are not coincidental and betrayal lurks behind you. In the end you will be able to recover, but you must be careful.


Success or luck related to work or money, or both. However, at this time an adverse influence from Neptune reigns over the sky and that success could be short-lived or less solid than it seems, and therefore you should not let your guard down, so that joy does not cloud your attention and intelligence.


Surely this will be one of the luckiest signs today, perhaps the luckiest, and it will not be strange if you achieve important success in your work, also linked to moments of great joy and happiness in your intimate life. But although the stars protect you, you must be cautious because not everything that seems is gold.


Today you face a difficult day in which you will have to face a test as painful as it is unexpected at work. Although, fortunately, things are becoming more and more favorable for you, that will not prevent things from going wrong at some point, as they will today, but you will soon recover.


At these times it is very important that you think about things before doing them and not get carried away by the impulses and passions that are unleashed. Neptune is powerful, but dissonant, and can lead you towards paths that do not really suit you or towards sterile and harmful struggles. Now you should stop and reflect.


These days you should be very attentive because due to the adverse influence of Neptune you may be a victim of deception or scams. They could take advantage of your great kindness and natural generosity to get money or some other type of perks from you. Now it would be a good idea for you to go a little more about your own thing and focus more on what interests you.

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