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Towanda and Tamar Braxton’s Relationship Remains Rocky

The Big Picture

  • Towanda and Tamar Braxton have a history of fighting, but their conflicts are not determined by their star signs, according to Towanda.
  • The fights between the sisters were genuine and not caused by production; they were often intense and involved shouting matches.
  • Towanda loves her sister but will only tolerate a relationship that is positive and non-toxic, considering the family’s difficult experiences in recent years.

After three years of being off the air, Braxton Family Values is a show that still lives in the hearts of fans. The trials and tribulations of the five Braxton sisters made viewers laugh, cry, and get their lives. One thing that was certainly noticeable was the fights the siblings often had with each other. And while all of them had moments of contention with each other, Towanda Braxton and her younger sister, Tamar Braxton, bumped heads more often than not. Tamar, who was not necessarily known for being level-headed during the series run, often got into spats with Towanda for a variety of reasons, and vice versa. At the same time, it was always evident that despite the intense words and yelling, they do love each other. But why do these two have a tendency to argue with each other more than the rest of their sisters? Is it a relationship determined by the stars, or is there a more earthly reason for their consistent conflicts? Sean Hall and Towanda hopped on to YouTube to answer fan questions, and ultimately addressed this issue in the process.

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Towanda and Tamar Braxton Are Like Oil and Water

Traci, Tamar, Towanda, and Trina Braxton BFV

Several of the most notable conflicts on Braxton Family Values have been between Towanda and Tamar. In the Q & A shared by Towanda and Sean on their YouTube channel, a fan asked about the relationship between Towanda and Tamar. Knowing how many spats that they have gotten into in the past on the series alone, the fan asked if she thought that the two do not get along is star sign related. Towanda is a Virgo and Tamar is a Pisces, and any well versed astrologer knows that those two signs generally do not get along. Towanda went on to share that the stars have nothing to do with their relationship.

Sisters fight, they butt heads. This is something that Towanda mentions later on during the Q&A. A fan asked if the sisters ever fought because of production. She shared that their fights were never caused by production, and they were all genuine conflicts between the siblings. And when it comes to Tamar, the fights were a particular brand of harsh. One unforgettable fight occurred in an earlier season. The sisters were preparing for a performance, and had been rehearsing for nearly 12 hours, well into the night. It was during this time that Towanda shared that she’d be leaving rehearsal at midnight, regardless if the rehearsal was finished or not. This announcement set Tamar off, leading her to begin a screaming match with her older sister. Towanda stood firm in her decision to leave, as her son was starting school the next day and she felt she needed to be there. There was another instance early on when Tamar made comments and inserted herself to the point where Towanda had to put her in her place.

In the Q&A with Sean, Towanda had this to say about her relationship with Tamar,

“I love my sister, however, if it’s not helping me elevate in a way of it still being a positive thing, and if it’s not toxic, then sure. But if it’s toxic? Then no.”

Essentially, she shared that while the sisterly bond is unbreakable, she will not allow any unnecessary drama into her life. Which is fair, given everything the family has been through in recent years. Tamar’s attempted suicide and the loss of their sister Traci Braxton has likely influenced her relationships and feelings with her sisters.

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