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Tony Khan Comments On Jade Cargill Leaving AEW For WWE


  • Jade Cargill’s match on AEW Rampage seemed like an emotional goodbye, fueling rumors of her departure for WWE.
  • AEW President Tony Khan praised Cargill’s skills and expressed openness to working with her in the future.
  • While Cargill’s move to WWE may be surprising, her respect for Khan and AEW leaves the door open for a potential return in the future.



No one from AEW, WWE, or Jade Cargill herself, have officially commented on the former TBS Champion leaving AEW for WWE, though Cargill’s match against Kris Stratlander on last Friday’s Rampage sure looked like an emotional goodbye. There have also been reports that Cargill is currently training at the WWE Performance Center, and she has been removed from AEW’s roster page on their website.

Naturally, AEW President Tony Khan was asked about the unconfirmed rumors that Jade Cargill had left AEW for WWE during an interview on the Superstar Crossover podcast. Khan said, “Jade had a great match on Friday night on AEW Rampage and it was a great match against Kris Statlander. Kris Statlander retained the TBS Championship on Rampage on Friday night and I thought that was a great match, definitely one of the best matches I’ve seen either of them have and I thought a really great main event for the show. As far as Jade goes, I can’t really comment on that except to say that Jade’s been a great wrestler for AEW and certainly always welcome in AEW, you know, could always be somebody we would always love to work with here in AEW.” (h/t WrestlingNews.co)

While Tony was his usual coy self, the fact that he spoke of Cargill in past and future terms says that Cargill is out of AEW. Khan was asked about CM Punk’s firing as well but wouldn’t comment.

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Could Jade Cargill Ever Return To AEW?


For many, Jade Cargill leaving AEW was a surprise. Just a few days before her exit she had spoken highly of Tony Khan during an interview with Women’s Wrestling Talk, saying, “There’s no other place I’d want to be. He doesn’t look at me as a number, he looks at me like a human being. He knows my journey and understands my purpose in the wrestling community and what I want to achieve and I don’t think you can beat that. You can’t beat this in a very interesting sport.” (h/t Comicbook.com)

Fightful Select reported that there was no ill-will between AEW and Jade Cargill. As for her final match on Rampage, where she put over Statlander, Fightful said that she “got a nice ovation backstage” and that it was “important to AEW to give her an appropriate sendoff.”

Jade Cargill is off to WWE now, where she should be set for great things, but could she ever return to AEW? With how much she respects Tony Khan, and how much he and AEW as a whole care about her, it can’t be ruled out. Cargill had a chance to be in WWE in the past but turned it down, partially because she didn’t trust the company. It’s understandable that she wants to go to WWE and prove herself, but it wouldn’t be impossible that she’d get there and decide it’s not for her, only to years later return to AEW. Only time will tell.

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