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Tom Cruise and his girlfriend, Elsina Khayrova, have become “very close”

It already seems more than a proven fact. Although there were some doubts about the possibility of the couple moving forward with their relationship, according to the latest sources consulted, the relationship between Tom Cruise and the Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova is not only going from strength to strength but it is more than consolidated.

The well-known actor, 61, and Khayrova, who is 25 years younger than him, have been “getting closer” in recent months since their romantic walk through London came to light where they were “inseparable,” furthermore that they shared a kiss, and It’s official that they are together.

“It is already well known within Elsina’s circle that “She and Tom are one person right now,” declared a source in conversations with the British newspaper Daily Mail. “They have become very close to each other in recent weeks, but at the same time being very careful not to be photographed together, since they want to maintain their privacy,” the informant continued.

Usher and Jennifer Goicoechea, at a Vanity Fair party in 2023.

“Tom has already spent a few nights at Elsina’s apartment, which, as you can imagine, is a very beautiful place. They enjoy spending time together and, Despite their wealth, they do many of the things that a normal couple also does,” he added, referring to the less wealthy people.

According to the media, both the interpreter of the saga Mission Impossible or Top Gun as the daughter of a well-known Russian politician, they have recently attended together a gala dinner in support of the Air Ambulance Charity from London, where Prince Guillermo He was the guest of honor.

Although Cruise and Khayrova arrived separately at the event, their friends have confirmed to the media that it is something that is already common for them, since Most of the time they spend together is behind closed doors. in the house in Knightsbridge, in the English capital, that the billionaire has.

Of course, the same sources add thatThey both went out for a walk incognito through Hyde Park, They have also dined together privately in several of the most exclusive London restaurants.

While Tom Cruise has been married three times —with Mimi Rogers from 1987 to 1990, with Nicole Kidman from 1990 to 2001 and with Katie Holmes from 2006 to 2012—, Khayrova divorced her ex-husband, diamond merchant Dmitry Tsetkov, in 2022, after a long process that, according to It has cost him more than 150 million dollars.

“Regardless of who she is with, Tom Cruise or anyone else, they should be aware that she is a foodie and has expensive, luxurious taste. “Tom should keep his eyes and wallet open,” Tsetkov told the aforementioned media in December. “While I’m happy for her, I wish her all the best,” he finally added.

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