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‘Tobey And I Immediately Had A Connection’: Kirsten Dunst Recalls Working With Tobey Maguire For First Time

Imagine being a part of a legendary movie moment, like Kristen Dunst was in Spider-Man. She played Mary Jane Watson, the love interest of Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire. But guess what? Despite the magic we saw on screen, filming wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Recently, Dunst opened up about her first encounter with Tobey Maguire, and it’s not quite what you expect. Let’s uncover the story behind the scenes and the bond between these two Hollywood legends.

Dunst’s first meeting with Tobey

No amount of fame could have prepared Dunst for her role as Mary Jane in Spider-Man, the movie that kicked off the superhero craze. She was filming another movie when she met director Sam Raimi and something about his vision made her want to be part of it.

She recalled her first meeting with Tobey Maguire, her co-star, during a screen test in Berlin. “Tobey and I immediately had a connection,” she said during an interview with Variety.

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Dunst felt a significant pay gap

Spider-Man became a blockbuster sensation, grossing a whopping $825 million globally and kickstarting the modern era of superhero films. With this massive success, everybody started expecting a sequel. But things got messy. The behind-the-scenes reality wasn’t as glamorous for Dunst, because, despite her pivotal role, she faced a significant pay disparity compared to her male co-star Tobey Maguire.

Maguire got a huge paycheck, “It might have been more, actually, but for her, it was different. A lot different,” she said. It showed how in Hollywood, women often didn’t get paid as much as men, even if they had a good track record.  

Kristen Dunst and Tobey Maguire (PC: Imdb)

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Dunst admits doing projects just for money

Even though Kristen Dunst was upset about getting paid less, money isn’t what drives her. She learned this the hard way when she took on some projects just for a big paycheck when she was younger. “When I was younger, I did make some mistakes. I did some projects just for money, but I wouldn’t have done them otherwise,” she said. Nowadays she’s more in control of her choices and she’s learned to prioritize projects she’s passionate about over ones that offer a lot of money.

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The famous kiss was not so special

In the 2002 superhero movie Spider-Man, 41-year-old Kristen Dunst had a memorable scene where she kissed Tobey Maguire. Director Sam Raimi even gave her a book of famous kisses for inspiration. However, on The Jonathan Ross show, Dunst revealed that filming that scene wasn’t as romantic as it seemed. She recalled that it was raining heavily, freezing cold, and Maguire, dressed in his Spider-Man suit, had difficulty breathing, making it feel like she was resuscitating him.

Despite the challenging time during the shoot, the scene became one of the most memorable moments in the blockbuster. Dunst also expressed her love for the Spider-Man franchise and even mentioned her willingness to return to the series if given the opportunity. She stated that she would gladly hang out or participate in another Spider-Man movie because she loves the films and enjoys being a part of them.

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A glimpse into Kristen’s personal world

Outside of Hollywood, Kristen finds solace in her family life with her husband Jesse Plemons, and their two sons. They embrace an analog lifestyle, avoiding screens and prioritizing some meaningful conversations.

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