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Times Promoters Stood By Their Wrestlers

Wrestling promoters tend to have close relationships with wrestlers on the roster since they work together to make the show a success or failure. Quite a few names had to make judgment calls when it came to trusting said talents in risky situations. Vince McMahon is the most popular promoter, but there have been many across the industry.


10 Biggest Wrestling Promoters Ever, Ranked By Likability

The wrestling industry wouldn’t be what it is today without the hard work of these men and women, but how likable were these wrestling promoters?

A promoter is the one running the show and trying to promote the best product to a large audience. This role can be filled by the owner, booker or other roles if they are making the final calls on important show decisions. There has been a mixed history of the following promoters standing by their talents for better or worse.

Tony Khan Booking Collision Around CM Punk

Punk’s Final AEW Chapters Ended In Controversy

  • Khan Still Believed Punk Could Work In AEW After Brawl Out
  • Constant Drama Continued With Punk Holding Power On Collision
  • Final Fight With Jungle Boy Blew Up In TK’s Face For Firing

Many wrestling pundits accused Tony Khan of playing with fire when he not only brought CM Punk back to AEW after Brawl Out, but he booked a new show around him. Fans had no idea what the future held after the infamous fight between Punk and The Elite since AEW never gave concrete info.


5 Rival Wrestling Promoters Vince McMahon Liked (& 5 He Hated)

There is a whole list of promoters Vince McMahon seemed to like – and a similarly long list of promoters he couldn’t stand.

Punk returned with Collision booked around him and a lot more drama. Various talents were reportedly “banned” from the show, and the tension continued to grow. All the drama ended with Punk fighting Jack Perry to get fired by AEW’s discipline committee and return to WWE months later.

Paul Heyman Booking An Injured Steve Austin

Smaller Promotion Paid Injured Wrestler To Rebuild

  • Steve Austin Feared For Future After Getting Fired From WCW
  • Connection With Paul Heyman Gave Him Chance To Rebuild In ECW
  • Heyman Booked Austin Despite Not Being Able To Wrestle Most Of Run

Steve Austin was in a terrifying situation when getting fired from WCW while injured. The future of Austin was unknown since he didn’t cement himself as a major player. Paul Heyman running ECW gave his old friend Austin a chance to stay involved while rehabbing his injury.

WCW placed Austin with Heyman in their earlier years, and Paul believed in Stone Cold from that time. Heyman paid Austin to cut promos in ECW and showcase his personality for the first time. Austin impersonating Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and others showed he could entertain and helped him get on WWE’s radar.

Billy Corgan Doubling Down On Tyrus As Face Of NWA

Felt The Online NWA Criticism Could Help Promotion

  • NWA Received Negative Attention For Making Tyrus Face Of Brand
  • Corgan Felt Tyrus’ Controversial Political Brand Would Draw Fans
  • Left NWA Anyway After Title Reign To Make Decision Stranger

The NWA brand has been trying to gain some momentum to move into the upper echelon of promotions. Billy Corgan is hoping to use his passion for wrestling and resources from success as The Smashing Pumpkins lead singer to make an impact in wrestling.

Tyrus winning the NWA Heavyweight Championship drew a lot of controversy for botches in the ring and his controversial political opinions out of the ring. Most promotions stay away from politics, but Corgan hoped that Tyrus’ Fox News career would get more attention. NWA received the same negative attention until Tyrus dropped the belt and left wrestling.

Dixie Carter Not Wanting To Fire Vince Russo

Loyalty For Wrong Person Cost TNA Their Security

  • Russo Had Many Chances In TNA Due To Dixie Carter
  • Spike TV Demanded Dixie Remove Russo From TNA
  • Getting Caught Employing Russo Ruined TV Deal For Good

The question of why TNA remained so loyal to Vince Russo is discussed often about their history, but it all came back to Dixie Carter. TNA kept Russo around through various eras, despite the controversy that comes from him.

Spike TV keeping TNA through the ups and downs for a prime time spot kept the company in a secure position. This was until Dixie employed Russo behind their backs when they wanted him gone. TNA losing Spike TV when they discovered it destroyed the company and put them in a tough position for years.

Scott D’Amore Making Alex Shelley World Champ

Gave Fans Reason To Trust Impact Brand Again

  • D’Amore Wanted To Go Back To TNA Roots To Bring Back Fans
  • Alex Shelley Was Perfect Choice To Convince Fans Of That
  • Was Major Part Of TNA Reboot Having Momentum

TNA aka Impact Wrestling has a lot of ups and downs in their 20+ years in existence. Scott D’Amore deserves a lot of credit for causing fans to give the product a chance again to build momentum, despite recently getting fired in shocking fashion.


5 Wrestling Promoters Who Succeeded As Performers & 5 Who Stayed Out Of The Ring

WWE’s Vince McMahon is the best example of a wrestling promoter also being a successful on-air character. Others chose to stay away from the cameras.

Alex Shelley returned to Impact under D’Amore’s tenure since Scott believed in a lot of old school talents like Shelley, Chris Sabin, Eric Young and Kazarian. The bold move of making Shelley TNA World Champion made a lot of old TNA fans give it another chance to see the improved product as a positive instance of sticking with your wrestler.

Bill Watts Overpushing His Son Erik Watts

WCW Fell Apart At End Of His Tenure As Top Dog

  • Nepotism Push For Erik Watts Backfired Badly For Failed Career
  • Bill Watts Already Had Many Negative Decisions Causing Criticism
  • Erik Never Found Noteworthy Success In Any Wrestlign Promotion

“Cowboy” Bill Watts is a controversial figure in wrestling for things he did in and out of the industry. The WCW run saw Watts making wild rules like no top rope moves or getting thrown over the top rope. Other wrestlers were resentful when Bill hired his own son Erik Watts.

Nepotism has existed in the industry for many years, but Erik flopped worse than most getting overpushed. Bill eventually got fired for making racist and homophobic comments that got back to Turner executive and baseball icon Hank Aaron.

Vince McMahon Allowing Steve Austin’s Heel Turn

Felt He Owed Austin His Request To Become Bad Guy

  • Austin Wanted To Turn Heel Since He Loved That Role Most
  • Vince Agreed Due To Feeling WWE “Owed” Austin This For His Work
  • WWE’s Business Declined For First Time Since Attitude Era Started

Many fans still wonder why Steve Austin turned heel in 2001 after his run as an iconic face. Austin was the one who wanted it, especially since The Rock felt like the face of the company during his time off from injury.

Jim Ross revealed he tried to stop it, but Vince made it clear that Austin deserved to try his idea after all he did to help WWE become a powerhouse. McMahon apparently felt he owed it to Austin to give him this requested change. However, it ended up hurting business and being a regretful move.

Eric Bischoff Changing Starrcade 1997 Finish For Hulk Hogan

Hogan’s Creative Control Saw Bischoff Endorsing His Demand

  • Hulk Convinced Bischoff Sting’s Lack Of Tan & Conditioning Was Problem
  • Historic Main Event Finish Changed Just Hours Before The Match
  • Bischoff Remained Loyal To Hogan Throughout Career As Friends

WCW witnessed the relationship between Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff making things difficult for other wrestlers working with him. Bischoff already gave Hogan creative control, but he also became a close friend that favored him.

Starrcade 1997 was the most absurd instance of Hogan demanding a change with his contract. Sting showing up without a tan and not being in peak condition led to the infamous changes. Bischoff backed up Hogan’s desire to have the abysmal finish that ruined WCW’s biggest match.

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