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Three years in prison for an accident returning from shopping in the Pas in which he seriously injured two children

Andorra la Vella“It hurts me to have caused so much harm, I have children too and I think of them (the two seriously injured children) when I see my own. I hope they forgive me.” This was the statement of Artem, the Armenian who led a return ‘rally’ from the Pas to France and which ended with a head-on crash in Mérens that resulted in serious injuries to a Spanish couple with two sons who went up to the Principality. The Armenian, with crutches and a necklace, has been tried in the court of Foix. The Spanish citizens were not at the trial because they are recovering.

It was March 23 when Artem went to lunch with a friend and they were drinking shots of vodka. He went up to Pas de la Casa to buy cigarettes because he looked fit to drive. When he was in the town of Encampada he had to go back to France because he had forgotten his wallet. The customs officers stopped him, as he explained in the trial, but they let him pass.

The anger of having returned, to take the wallet, together with the fact that he had drunk a lot caused the return to be a ‘rally’. And it was on a narrow road full of vehicles. Different drivers had to endure illegal overtaking, insults and shouting. Some have been present at the trial. The feeling is that if they didn’t let them pass, he would stop and assault them, as they have stated. cholera A motorcyclist who was going up towards El Pas has confirmed that the man occupied the opposite lane and passed within a few centimeters of his motorcycle. Two sisters whom he reprimanded at the Croisade roundabout, coming down from the Pass, and whom he advanced in a risky manner, called the gendarmerie to warn them of what was happening.

The ‘rally’ ended in the Mérens area. It collided head-on with the vehicle of a Spanish family that was coming towards Andorra. Both cars were wrecked. The couple and two children were seriously injured. They had to be transferred to the Pourpan Hospital in Toulouse to be operated on. The little boy had to be resuscitated with an injury to the aorta artery. Artem gave 0.64 in the breathalyzer test hours after lunch.

The Armenian stated in his defense that he was so drunk that he does not remember anything after being stopped by customs and that he only has flashing images. And his lawyer alleged that the RN20 is a den of accidents and that part of the blame is linked to the fact that it is a road that is not adapted to the volumes of traffic at the weekend.

The person responsible for the accident has been sentenced to three years in prison.

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