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“This woman doesn’t know what shame is”

Since the media echoed the existing friendship between Genoveva Casanova and Frederick of Denmarkthe Mexican actress decided to get away from the spotlight by taking refuge in various places, including her ex-partner’s farm, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo.

After this episode, Genoveva’s entourage assured that she was sick and needed rest and rest. Some data that did not sit well when confirmed his participation in The challengeone of the most extreme programs on Antena 3.

Now, it is the neighbors of the urbanization where the Mexican lives who have brought her to the fore again. Everything, for walk your dog inside the property and, in addition, do not pick up feces of the animal.

Joaquín Prat, in 'Let's see'.

This Wednesday, Public mirror has shown the conversation that the program team has been able to have with one of Genoveva’s neighbors, who has criticized the behavior of the celebrity: “As a neighbor, I am outraged, but come on, everyone in the building is. This woman doesn’t even know what shame is“.

“I have already caught her three times walking the dog in the complex and leaving the poop there, in the common areas. That’s where the children play. When I saw her, I told her and He told me he didn’t want to take the dog outside because of the cameras.but it can’t be like that… In the urbanization… What it does is a bristle“, the woman criticized.

“The community is very calm, we have never had problems, but since she has been here, my goodness… If this continues, we will have to take action because this is disgusting. You don’t walk calmly through the urbanization or anything, that’s what was missing,” said this neighbor.

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