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This was the RFEF speech that Luis Rubiales rejected and that could have kept him as president

Almost a month after the controversial kiss of Luis Rubiales to Jennifer Hermoso and that all the subsequent scandal broke out in the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), no one forgets the speech of the former president in that Extraordinary Assembly in which he assured that he was not going to resign – although he finally did so a few days ago.

That day Luis Rubiales He sentenced himself with words that left no one indifferent.reaffirming that, although he apologized, he did not see that he had committed acts so serious as to resign and he even gave a ‘feminism’ class to his daughters, who were present to support him.

Now, The world has revealed the speech that the RFEF had prepared for Rubiales to read before the assembly members and that I could have kept him in the job, with a much more relaxed and supportive tone with the success of the Spanish women’s soccer team.

Spanish Women's Soccer Team

“The reason that brings us here today is not the joy we have for that victory of our women’s team, but rather some subsequent events for which I want to ask you and all of Spanish society for my most sincere apologies.“, he would begin by saying in that speech written by advisor Luis Arroyo.

Furthermore, it lists the multiple errors for which it would ask “forgiveness without nuances or excuses”the first of them being “crossing the limits of trust with the player Jenni Hermoso.”

“She knows that there was no bad intention, but it is evident that what was intended to be a gesture of joy and congratulations became a symbol of dominance for a man in a position of power – myself – about a woman. I am imperfect, of course, but I consider myself a respectful citizen and I have never accepted gestures of violence or dominance over any woman,” adds the text, which also ensures that it was a mistake not to recognize the seriousness of the events.

Regarding a possible resignation, in the speech that Rubiales should have read, he stated: “I feel that I have the support of the presidents of the federations and the rest of the football representatives. Resigning is always a possibility in a position like mine.. “I do not rule out resigning, but at this moment I intend to continue working as president.”

He would also affirm regarding Jenni Hermoso’s alleged statements that “the Federation communicated the player’s feelings in accordance with her words and I am sure that they were faithfully reflected. I can’t say anything else because I didn’t write that statement. nor of course did I force anyone to say anything.”

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