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This is the famous typical expression of Barcelona that is not understood in the rest of Spain

The rich linguistic tradition of Catalan is reflected in the enormous repertoire of words and typical expressions of this part of Spain that lose their meaning if you leave Barcelona, ​​Gerona, Lérida or Tarragona. The same thing happens with the expression ‘Besòs or Llobregat’one of the most common in the capital of Catalonia that is used to refer to the proximity of a point to one of these rivers or to indicate a short distance to places such as the beach or the mountains. Apart from this, there are other quite popular Catalan expressions:

Sitges, Barcelona.

‘Fer un poti poti’

Have fet a poti poti literally translates as ‘you have made a poti poti’ and is used to express that someone has made a strange mix and that doesn’t fit with something.

‘You sew clear and thick xocolata’

The Spanish translation of this expression is ‘clear things and thick chocolate’ and is used to express sincerity or clarity regarding an issue.


There is no way to correctly translate this term into Spanish, but it has a meaning similar to ‘come’. It can also be used to encourage someone.

‘S’the broquil has finished’

This Catalan expression is used to close an issue or conversation. It has a meaning similar to the expression ‘what was given is over’.

‘Bufar i fer blisters’

The translation of this Catalan expression is ‘blow and blow bubbles’ and is used to express that something is easy to do. It is similar to the phrase in Spanish ‘this is a piece of cake’.


Although in Spanish it is the term used to refer to women’s swimsuits, Catalans also use it to refer to the mixed sandwich.

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