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Things WWE Fans Need To Know About The Los Guerreros Tag Team

When the Ruthless Aggression era was born in 2002, stars like John Cena and Randy Orton began their storied careers as singles competitors on WWE’s main roster. Right around this time, an incredibly popular tag team had its genesis. This team was none other than Los Guerreros.


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The tandem of Chavo and Eddie Guerrero offers several colorful stories before, during, and after their Los Guerreros run. These anecdotes include old-school traditions, extremely well-received matches, and an eerily close call.

Eddie Guerrero Nearly Caused The Demise Of Chavo Guerrero

Thankfully, Grown-Ups Intervened And Averted A Disaster

Guerrero Family, Eddie, Chavo, Mando, Herlinda, Linda, and Maria Guerrero

  • Eddie Guerrero Was 18 Years Younger Than His Brother Chavo Sr.
  • Meanwhile, Chavo Jr. Was Born When Eddie Was Three Years Old
  • Though They Were Really Uncle And Nephew, Eddie And Chavo Jr. Basically Grew Up As Brothers

Eddie and Chavo Guerrero were born three years apart, and though they were technically uncle and nephew, their brotherly bond was hard to deny. “Brotherly,” however, isn’t exactly the right word to describe a childhood incident that could have prevented the Los Guerreros story from even taking off.

During a special edition of Talk is Jericho aboard Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea, Chavo recounted how Eddie got way too physical with him when they were babies. Chavito presumed that Eddie was jealous of the attention that he, the new baby, was getting from other family members. Before things went past the point of no return, Chavo’s mother showed up and ensured that her son would live to play (and wrestle) another day.

In WCW, The Guerreros Had A Relationship That Was Less Than Cordial

No One Would Have Guessed That They Would Become A White-Hot Tag Team In The Future

Eddie Guerrero Vs Chavo Guerrero

  • Eddie Didn’t Exactly Make Chavo’s Life Easier When They Were In WCW
  • At One Point, Eddie Treated Chavo As His “Slave”
  • Chavo’s Unusual Behavior In WCW Could Perhaps Be Attributed To The Harsh Actions Of His Uncle

The paths of Eddie and Chavo Guerrero would cross in WCW, but not because they held a family reunion. During their WCW years, Eddie’s treatment of Chavo could be described as tough love at best and downright cruelty at worst.

Highlights (or perhaps lowlights) of their WCW interactions include Eddie treating his nephew as a “slave” and Chavo shaving his own head after losing a Hair vs. Hair match to his uncle. Though Eddie did save Chavo from a Stevie Ray beatdown on multiple occasions, no one could accuse the two Guerreros of excessive warmth and affection.

Los Guerreros Was One-Third Of The Renowned “SmackDown Six”

They Helped Turn SmackDown Into An Impeccable Wrestling Program

SmackDown Six

  • Prior To August 2002, Eddie Guerrero Competed On The Raw Brand
  • Paul Heyman, The Lead Writer Of SmackDown, Made A Deal With Vince McMahon To Bring Eddie To The Blue Brand
  • This Move Allowed Heyman To Form The Los Guerreros Team, Which Would Then Become Part Of His “SmackDown Six”

In the summer of 2002, Paul Heyman played a masterful game of chess as lead writer of SmackDown. By carefully mapping out his roster needs and pulling off some clever transactions, Heyman was able to put together a six-man core that would anchor the hard-hitting action provided by the blue brand. This was the famed “SmackDown Six,” a set of extremely talented and hungry wrestlers that included Eddie and Chavo Guerrero.


10 Best WWE Tag Team Matches Of The 2000s, Ranked

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Even before Eddie started to gain traction as a potential WrestleMania headliner, Los Guerreros was putting on stellar matches with Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit and Edge. A crowning moment came at Survivor Series 2002, when Eddie and Chavo Guerrero prevailed over the two other teams of the SmackDown Six to win the WWE Tag Team Championships inside Madison Square Garden.

Los Guerreros Started Out As Heels In 2002

  • The Los Guerreros Tag Team Started Out As A Heel Tandem
  • However, WWE Fans Began To Fall In Love With Eddie And Chavo
  • Their 2003 Vignettes Played A Huge Role In This Turn Of Events

Once upon a time, Los Guerreros was booked as a villainous tandem with the intention of drawing boos. After all, the acts of lying, cheating, and stealing are immoral deeds, right?

Alas, WWE fans found the Los Guerreros vignettes to be too entertaining. Thanks to the hilarity of the baby bottle and the golf course incident, Eddie and Chavo found themselves on the receiving end of fervent adulation.

The Guerreros Believed In Old-School Wrestling Traditions

Shelton Benjamin And Charlie Haas Had To Find This Out The Hard Way

  • In 2003, Los Guerreros Had A Heated Rivalry With Shelton Benjamin And Charlie Haas
  • It Was A Classic Feud Between A Veteran Team And A Duo Of Young Upstarts
  • Behind The Scenes, Eddie And Chavo Took Steps To Ensure That Benjamin And Haas Would Learn Things The Old School Way

As multi-generational stars who grew up in the industry, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero had a profound understanding of wrestling traditions and techniques. As their young colleagues learned the hard way, they had no qualms enforcing the old-school way of doing things.

On a 2015 episode of Talk is Jericho, Shelton Benjamin recounted how the Guerreros would hide from him and his partner Charlie Haas before their scheduled tag team matches. Benjamin came to realize that this was because Eddie and Chavo believed in the traditional way of calling matches in the ring, as opposed to hashing out everything beforehand.

In The Midst Of The Los Guerreros Run, There Was A Brief Tajiri Interlude

This Was Due To An Injury Suffered By Chavo

  • A Tag Team Title Match Between Los Guerreros And Benjamin/Haas Had Been Scheduled For Judgment Day 2003
  • However, Five Days Before The PPV, Chavo Guerrero Sustained A Biceps Injury
  • The Title Match Proceeded As Scheduled, With Tajiri Taking Chavo’s Place

In the spring of 2003, the future looked brighter than ever for Los Guerreros. They had just competed at WrestleMania 19 for the WWE Tag Team Titles, and their popularity was surging every time they came through the curtain. Their momentum, however, was stalled as Chavo suffered a biceps injury shortly before Judgment Day.

The show had to go on, and Eddie fought alongside Japanese superstar Tajiri opposite Team Angle in a Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Despite the fact that they were a makeshift tag team, Eddie and Tajiri prevailed to become the new champions. They held the WWE Tag Team titles for around two months before Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas reclaimed the gold. Chavo would return to active status in September 2003, and just a week after he resurfaced on SmackDown, Los Guerreros began their second reign as WWE Tag Team Champions.

Eddie And Chavo Guerrero Won Multiple Championships During The Los Guerreros Run

They Even Received A Distinction From Dave Meltzer

  • Los Guerreros Won The WWE Tag Team Titles Twice
  • With The Group Still Intact, Eddie Captured The United States Championship
  • In Addition To This Championship Haul, Los Guerreros Was Named Tag Team Of The Year By Wrestling Observer Newsletter For The Year 2002

If wrestling hardware is the metric of success for tag teams, Los Guerreros would have a pretty nice haul to show off. From 2002 to 2003, they captured the WWE Tag Team Championship on two occasions, overcoming tandems like The World’s Greatest Tag Team and Edge and Rey Mysterio in the process.


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For what it’s worth, Los Guerreros was also named the Tag Team of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter for the year 2002. Also, while the Los Guerreros connection was still intact in 2003, Eddie Guerrero won a tournament for the reinstated United States Championship.

Los Guerreros Met Their Kryptonite When They Went Up Against The Basham Brothers

For Some Reason, Eddie And Chavo Couldn’t Overcome Doug And Danny

  • Though Los Guerreros Picked Up Wins Over Many Impressive Tag Teams, There Was One Tandem That They Couldn’t Quite Overcome
  • That Would Be The Basham Brothers, Who Ended The Guerreros’ Second Tag Team Title Reign
  • The Bashams Went On To Retain The WWE Tag Team Titles Against Los Guerreros On Multiple Occasions

Poetically, the formidable duo of Los Guerreros met their demise at the hands of two kayfabe brothers. Though Eddie and Chavo Guerrero one-upped several tag teams on the SmackDown roster, they couldn’t figure out the puzzle that was the Basham Brothers.

Doug and Danny Basham can rightfully be called the nemeses of Los Guerreros, as they dealt losses on a more profound level than any other team could manage. From perpetrating a hoax concerning Eddie’s in-laws to repeatedly frustrating the Guerreros in tag team title matches, the Basham Brothers inflicted irreparable damage to Eddie and Chavo’s team spirit.

The Los Guerreros Breakup Led To A Match At Royal Rumble 2004

Eddie Guerrero Extracted His Pound Of Flesh And Then Some

Eddie Guerrero v Chavo Guerrero Royal Rumble 2004 Cropped

  • As Key Losses Piled Up For The Guerreros, Chavo Grew Increasingly Frustrated With Eddie
  • Jealousy Might Have Also Played A Role In His Frustration, As WWE Fans Were Fond Of Chanting “Eddie, Eddie” During Their Matches
  • Kurt Angle Tried To Help Uncle And Nephew Repair Their Relationship, But To No Avail

Despite intervention efforts by a concerned Kurt Angle, the strife within Los Guerreros led to its implosion in January 2004. After the team lost a tag team title match to the Basham Brothers, Chavo sat idly by as Doug and Danny dealt a post-match beatdown to Eddie. To punctuate the Los Guerreros breakup, Chavo himself would pummel Eddie after the Bashams left.

This led to an emotionally charged uncle vs. nephew match at Royal Rumble 2004. In this match, Eddie fended off Chavo and the illegal tactics of his father Chavo Sr. to pick up a cathartic victory. Having extracted his pound of flesh – not to mention an ounce of Chavito’s blood – Eddie could now turn his focus to contention for singles titles.

Both Eddie and Chavo Guerrero Walked Into WrestleMania 20 As Champions

This Proves That The Los Guerreros Team Was A Resounding Success

  • Impressively, Both Eddie And Chavo Emerged From The Los Guerreros Team As Singles Champions
  • In A Span Of One Year, Chavo Won The Cruiserweight Championship Three Times
  • Meanwhile, Eddie Won The WWE Championship For The First And Only Time In His Career At No Way Out 2004

Ultimately, the Los Guerreros team succeeded in elevating both Eddie and Chavo in their WWE careers. Case in point: both uncle and nephew walked into WrestleMania 20 as reigning, defending champions.

Chavo, who had become a despised heel after turning his back on Eddie, captured the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at No Way Out. He went on to successfully retain this title in a Cruiserweight Open at the Showcase of the Immortals. As for Eddie, he toppled Brock Lesnar at the historic Cow Palace to win the WWE Championship; Eddie then outmaneuvered Kurt Angle in an excellent match at WrestleMania 20.

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