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They steal 200 euro AirPods in a room and catch a hotel waitress because they have GPS

Andorra la VellaA hotel maid had to clean the rooms in the morning when there were still customers in some of them. The woman, while in one of the chambers, saw an Apple Airpods headset. He put them away and when he finished cleaning he left. The customer noticed the loss and reported it. He decided, however, to turn on the geolocation tracking system built into Apple’s high-end Airpods. He told police that the Airpods are emitting a signal from a private home. The agents found the earphones at the address of the hotel waitress and they were returned to the customer.

She was sentenced to seven days of conditional night arrest for a criminal offense of theft of less than 600 euros. The waitress admitted to being the author of the theft when she was questioned by the police. He had no background and it would have been an impulsive action.

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