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They reject Edwin Arrieta’s parents as witnesses

Starting April 9 in Thailand, Daniel Sanchoaccused of the premeditated murder of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrietafaces trial to be held in Koh Samui provincial court.

In addition to the charge of premeditated murder, to which he has pleaded not guilty, Sancho, 29, is accused of concealing the body after dismemberment, a crime to which he has admitted and which could lead to up to a year in prison.

The latest on the case is that former Thai Police Deputy Chief Surachate Hakparn, known as ‘Big Joke’ and who was the media face of the criminal investigation against the Spaniard, it was delivered this Tuesday after an arrest warrant for money laundering linked to an online betting network.

The 'influencer' Vielka Pulido.

A few days ago, several pieces of information were also known that could give a twist to this case. On the one hand, that There have been several casualties among the chef’s defense witnessesamong whom are his ex-girlfriend, Laura, another friend and a psychiatrist who were going to participate in the hearing and would have given up doing so.

On the other hand, according to Edu Calle in Juntos, in “first-hand information from very solid sources,” “The Thai Procedural Code provides that The judge could end the trial at any time“, which could mean that it could end sooner if they consider the facts proven and a conviction is handed down, as well as if Daniel is declared innocent of any of the crimes.

Now, new information could cause this case to undergo a ‘modification’. According to Infobae Spain, The Koh Samui provincial court has ruled out the surgeon’s parents from testifying as witnesses during the trial.

According to the aforementioned media, the parents of the Colombian doctor are very old, live in Colombia and They cannot travel to Thailand and, due to lack of “technical means”, they will not declare. However, they will be able to provide documentation to prove his thesis and other people from Arrieta’s family will also be able to testify in place of his parents.

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