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They condemn a member of ‘The Cuban Mafia in Quintana Roo’ who operated in Cuba, Mexico, Spain and the United States

A Miami Beach man was sentenced to nearly eight years in prison for his role in an organized crime gang that operated in Cuba, Mexico, Spain and the south of Florida since 2009, the United States Department of Justice reported this Monday.

Javier Hernandez50 years old, was sentenced to spend 95 months in federal prison after being found guilty of charges related to immigrant smuggling, money laundering and bribery, among others.

The subject was in the sights of the authorities for being part of a violent organized crime group known in Mexico as ‘The Cuban Mafia in Quintana Roo’The Department of Justice detailed in a statement.

This is how the band operated

Together with his accomplice, Ramón Reyes Aranda, 38, Hernández stole in Florida and transported vehicles to Mexico, including several boats, that served the organization to trafficking and extorting migrants heading towards the United States.

The gang contacted the families of the migrants to demand a ransom of 10,000 dollars or else they threatened to torture and kill them.

After receiving the ransom, the organization released the victim and sent them by bus to the border between the United States and Mexico with instructions to request political asylum.

Victims whose family members were unable to pay the fee They were beaten, threatened with knives and guns until they were finally rescued by the Mexican authorities.

More than one dozens of peopleamong them seven of Cuban origin who resided in Mexico, were detained in the operation against ‘The Cuban Mafia in Quintana Roo’.

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