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These celebrities once aspired to the parliament – They didn’t get elected

The job of a member of parliament has interested many people who are also familiar with the public. However, the hunger for politics has not always reached Arkadianmäki.

Many well-known people have run for parliament. Many well-known people have run for parliament.

Many well-known people have run for parliament. Jenni Gästgivar

Over the years, many well-known people have run for parliament. The doors of Arkadianmäki have opened for some, while for others the dream of working as a member of parliament has remained just a dream.

Iltalehti gathered celebrities whose score has not reached the boardrooms, at least for now.

Antti Kurhinen

Antti Kurhinen ran a sex doll brothel. The brothel located in Helsinki’s Kannelmäki closed its doors in 2019. Anna Jousilahti

Also familiar from Big Brother Antti Kurhinen ran for parliament in 2011. The man’s intention was to promote the issue of foreign languages, but the vote catch remained modest. Kurhinen collected 52 votes in the ranks of the Pirate party.

Since then, Kurhinen has excelled as a vaginal masseuse, a taxi driver, a sex doll brothel owner and a media student.

Ibi Love

Ibi Love is remembered for his edgy performance. Kari Kuukka

In the second season of Idols, Ibi Love, who shook her head in the auditions, that is Iida Maria Lukander ran for parliament in 2011. Lukander tried to become a member of parliament from the lists of the Communist Party of Finland.

At that time, the general secretary of the party told MTV news about Lukander’s candidacy.

– Ibi has a background as a peace activist, he protests against various social movements and issues. It is important that there are people on Skp’s lists who are not members of the party, MTV was told.

In 2008, he made a remarkable return to Idols, when he came on stage to congratulate Koop Arpo, who had just won the competition.

Little G

Little G’s score was not enough for the parliament. Anna Jousilahti

In 2007, the rapper Pikku G lived Henri Vähäkainu ran for parliament. The rapper was only 18 years old when he ran for the place of MP. Vähäkainu had actively participated as a supporter of the party’s then chairman and Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen.

However, Vähäkainu didn’t open a seat in the parliament from the center’s ranks. A few years later, he was fined for a drug offense in the Vantaa district court. Nine other people who distributed cocaine in Finland were also sentenced in the same string.

He has also worked as an entrepreneur and done a lot of charity with, for example, the Red Cross.

Tommi Läntinen

Tommi Läntinen has a long and successful music career behind him. Joona Rissanen

Long-time musician Tommi Läntinen ran for parliament in the ranks of SDP in 2015. Despite being from Turku, the man was a candidate in the constituency of Uusimaa, because he has lived in the Capital Region for decades.

Although the doors did not open to represent the people of Finland, Läntinen has continued his successful music career. The vote count was moderate, when Läntinen collected 799 votes.


Ellen Jokikunnas and Molli-Olli in the show work. PDO

Olli Oikarinen that is, Molli-Olli, who hosted the popular youth music program Jyrki, ran for parliament in the ranks of the coalition in 2003. The votes were not enough to reach the session hall.

Oikarinen also performed in the band Panic IC, which also featured the 2022 Big Brother winner Reeo Tiiainen.

Kaisa Liski

Kaisa Liski ran for parliament in 2019. Pete Anikari

Also known as the real estate queen Kaisa Liski in 2019 ran for parliament in Häme electoral district and as a candidate for Keskusta. Liski received only 476 votes, which was a disappointment for the woman herself when the result was revealed.

After the parliamentary elections, Liski’s business operations have experienced bumps, as he was ordered to do business in 2022, which will end in 2025. Liski was sentenced to pay his creditors more than 263,000 euros and was sentenced to a suspended prison term for gross debtor dishonesty.

According to the motion for judgment, Liski had handed over funds to himself knowing about his company’s financial difficulties.

Heikki Kuula

Heikki Kuula (left), Pyhimys and Voli form the Teflon Brothers band. GERT TALI

Rapper known from the band Teflon Brothers Heikki Kuula ran for parliament in 2019. Räppäri was a candidate for the Left Alliance in Helsinki. Kuula received 1,753 votes, but it was not enough to reach Arkadianmäki.

Heikki Kuula has been a member of the Teflon Brothers band since the beginning. In addition to Kuula, the band also includes Saint and Voli.

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